What Sachin, Rekha Did In Rajya Sabha?

Tendulkar is busy with IPL and Rekha with films, and a question arises for a common man, is it right to send celebrities to RS with this type of attitude?

New Delhi: Parties give place for celebrities in Rajya Sabha as a role model or icon with a purpose to use them for election campaign. But the purpose of sending celebrities is not served. The common man is disappointed that the celebrities are not doing any thin worthwhile in the Parliament.

The celebrities do not have time to raise the public issues at least. For instance, Sachin Tendulkar and Rekha, who made the country proud in their respective fields, have miserably failed as RS members. Both these members who are representing the Congress from 2012 had a poor attendance in RS and the amount or daily expenditure on them shocks the nation.

As per a report of a data journalism portal, salary and perks paid to Rekha is ₹ 65 lakh per session and for Tendulakar it is around ₹ 59 lakh.

Out of 348 working days of RS, Rekha attended only 18 days and Tendulkar was there for 23 days.

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