Sachin plays it his way!

Some call it marketing strategy and some call it as just being honest, Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography, “Playing It My Way” that released last week, created a lot of discussion and speculation. Herea��s what Tendulkar said in his book that has made it a sensation.

There is a chapter titled ‘Endulkar (an obvious reference to an article that appeared with the same header, in English news daily, criticising Sachin and asking him to retire)

  • Ex-coach Greg Chappell wanted to replaceRahul Dravidwith Sachin as captain.
  • Ian Chappell had said after the World Cup thatA�Sachin TendulkarA�should take a ‘good long look in the mirror’ and think about retiring. Sachin says, a�?The outrage in India was not helped by armchair experts sitting thousands of miles away but still passing judgment on Indian cricket and suggesting I should retire’.
  • Sachin fails to understand why Indian publications should publish an Australian’s opinion on Indian cricket and a�?Will Australian publications allow an Indian player to get headlines in their newspapersa�?.
  • Tendulkar metIan ChappellA�in Durban in 2010. The latter tried to take credit for the formera��s renewed phase of good form, and that Tendulkar had followed his advice. Sachin told Chappell in no uncertain terms that he had ‘not changed a thing’ since his low phase in the mid-2000s and not to comment without ‘knowing what is going through a player’s body or mind’.

‘Monkeygate’ scandal which rockedA�cricketA�during India’s tour of Australia in 2007-08: During the second Test at Sydney there was a tiff between off spinnerA�Harbhajan Singhand Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds. Singh was partnering with Tendulkar when the incident happened and it nearly led to the cancellation of India’s tour of Australia.

  • Symonds had alleged that Harbhajan used a racially inappropriate word – ‘monkey’ – a slight on Symonds’ appearance. However, Harbhajan, andA�Sachin TendulkarA�who was batting at the other end, stuck to the version that Harbhajan had called Symonds ‘terimaaki’ – a Hindi expletive.
  • a�?Harbhajan never used the word monkey; he called Symonds ‘terimaaki’ which I heard at the other end. Symonds had been abusing Harbhajan for a long time in an effort to rile him up, and Harbhajan upto that point had been reasonably courteous to Symonds and the other Australian players.a�?
  • Harbhajan lost his cool and reacted impulsively. The after-match hearing about the incident was conducted in an unfair manner. The Indian and Australian teams were made to testify separately, while the other team was not present in the room. This creates suspicion. Sachin also criticises Mike Procter, the match referee, who made an official statement claiming that ‘only one team is telling the truth’.
  • Despite the public camaraderie between the two sides before the Perth Test, the air was full of tension, and the Indian team felt that the hearing had been unfair.
  • It was only because of a massive protest against the judgement banning Harbhajan Singh for three Tests that the tour was continued. a�?Kumble handled the issue with extreme maturity.a�?

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