Sabharwal Cancels Leave Amidst Charges That Drugs Case Was Being Sidetracked

The Enforcement Director, who was to go on 12-day leave, has cancelled it following speculations that attempts were being made to dilute the drugs case. The State administration ended up with negative publicity as a result.

Hyderabad: In what could be seen as a move to avoid negative publicity for the Telangana Government, Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal, who has been spearheading the sensational drugs haul case, has cancelled his leave.

Speculations were rife on Friday that Sabharwal had been forced to go on leave in an attempt to sidetrack investigation into the case in which names of Telugu cine bigwigs, including Director Puri Jagannath, actor Ravi Teja and actress Charmi Kaur, had figured. A� More:A�Celebrities Condemn Drug Abuse Reports Against Them; Sabharwal Says No List Released

It was alleged that top guns of the cine field had got in touch with senior political leaders to a�?avoid matters going out of proportionsa�?. There were even reports of threats that the cine industry could move away from the State Capital if matters were to worsen.

Apparently, the State administration has got into a damage-control exercise and as a first step has asked Sabharwal to cancel his leave. Incidentally, doubts were cast even on sanctioning of his leave, as investigations into the drugs haul, involving film personalities, multinational staff and school and college students, were at a crucial state. A�More:A�Tollywood Drugs Case: Many Names Shelved

Sabharwal informed media on Saturday that he was cancelling his leave from July 16 a�?keeping in view the seriousness of the casea�?. He is said to have deferred his leave till the investigation is completed.

The Enforcement Director has reiterated that there were no extraneous pressures on him and the government is fully cooperating with him. A�More:A�Tollywood Drug Mafia: List Of Celebrities Who Received Notices

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