SAARC Summit Fiasco: Nepal too joins anti-terror bandwagon

(Primepost Bureau)

It’s official: The 19th SAARC Summit that is scheduled to be held in Islamabad on November 9-10 has been put off indefinitely. Announcing the postponement on Sunday, the current chairman of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, Nepal, expressed regret over the event’s cancellation.

However, in a veiled reference to the root cause of suspending the summit, Nepal said in a statement: “To achieve peace and stability in the region, SAARC member states must, among others, ensure that their respective territories are not used by terrorists for cross border terrorism.”

Nepal’s official announcement is a mere formality. The moment India had announced its decision to not attend the regional meet over Uri terrorist attack, it was a foregone conclusion that the summit was doomed. Since SAARC constitution doesn’t allow the holding of annual summit even if one member state  abstains, it is clear that Islamabad can’t go ahead with the event. With other member states pulling out one by one, citing same reasons as India has given for non-participation, Pakistan itself had announced the indefinite postponement of the regional group meeting on Friday.

Though it was done to avoid further disgrace, Pakistan blamed India for the fiasco saying, “The decision by India to derail the summit effectively contradicts Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own call to fight against poverty in the region. India’s decision to abstain from the summit on the basis of unfounded assumptions on the Uri incident is a futile effort to divert attention of the world from the atrocities perpetrated by India in the Indian-Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.”

Ironically, the Pakistani announcement on the summit postponement was in contrast with what that country’s leaders had said when other SAARC members decided to boycott it. They said it was all propaganda and lies spread by Delhi. Will Pak leaders eat their words now?

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  1. kushal kumar says:

    The news on 28 September 2016 that SAARC Summit scheduled to be held in Pakistan in November 2016 has been postponed ( it was officially announced later) because while India declined to attend the said Summit due to prevailing conditions, some of other members Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan and Sri Lanka also expressed their inability to attend. These circumstances have obviously isolated Pakistan and is being read world- wide as a great diplomatic success for India. Further , there is more news. India is reported to have conducted surgical strikes on the night of 28 September 2016 into seven different locations inflicting substantial casualties of terrorists who were obviously to intrude into India to cause terror in days to come. Nation has been reassured by these brave , precise and perfectly professional acts of India’s armed forces about security and safety. In this regard ,readers may like to refresh themselves with predictions of this Vedic astrology writer in hitherto well known article “ 2016 – a woeful year for India with slight cheer at the end” published as early as on 18 January 2016 in online magazine While introducing the main features of the article , it was said : – “ While the first half of 2016 looks to be grim covering a variety of aspects of national life for substantial concern , circumstances yield to ‘SLIGHT CHEER’ at end covering months of October to December 2016”. This was reiterated while concluding the article with the following brief para : – “ Last quarter of year 2016 may bring a “SLIGHT CHEER” at the end , say October- December , covering aspects which would have caused substantial concern during times January to August-September 2016”. Aspects of national life causing substantial concern during January to August- September 2016 were also described in the article which included “terror” and “ defense and security concerns” in the Himalayan belt of northern India , obviously meaning J&K. So the coverage is obvious and in a manner not to be mistaken. Thought readers may find the piece interesting.

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