Russian Agents Charged in 2014 Yahoo Hacking

Washington,D.C.: The US Department of Justice on Wednesday announced four individuals responsible for the 2014 yahoo hacks and theft of information to hack at least 500 million Yahoo users and use of the information to obtain contents of accounts at Yahoo and other email providers.

The defendants include two Russian Federal Services agents and two criminal hackers with whom the agents conspired to perform the hacks, the department announced.

The Russian agents protected, facilitated and paid the criminal hackers Alexsey Belan and kareem Boratav, told Mary McCord, acting assistant attorney general for Department of Justice in a press conference.

McCord said that the defendants targeted Yahoo accounts of the Russian and US government officials, including cyber security, diplomatic and military personnel. They also targeted Russian journalists, numerous employees of other networks the defendants wanted to exploit along with financial services corporations, she said.

The defendant Alexsey Belan was indicted earlier for criminal hackings by the US intelligence agencies and he is FBIs most wanted.

The Department of Justice has made clear that the investigations into Yahoo hacks have nothing to do with the recent election hacks, which wreaked havoc among Democrats who alleged that Russians were behind the breaches.

Yahoo hacks have become controversial and dwindled the credibility of the email and data storage corporations. The hacks have exposed the lack of security surrounding the email servers and the inefficiency of the corporate businesses to secure the personal, critical and financial information of its users.

The criminals of Yahoo hacks have also accessed the financial information from many individual accounts to line their pockets.

Many security breaches followed Yahoo. Sony was breached in the same year causing controversy and panic among its customers. T-Mobil, a cell phone network provider, was hacked in 2015 allowing hackers to steal about 15 million user accounts.

There were at least 11 security breaches in 2015. As these hacks have become common, data protection has taken prominence, and also increased concerns among individuals who store their critical information online and rely on Internet services.

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