Rs 9 cr bull attraction at Sadar Festival

Hyderabad: Will you believe that a bull costs Rs 9 crores? Yes, ita��s true and one has to believe it. The Yadav community people have brought a bull named a�?Virata�� for their a�?Sadara�� festival and its price is Rs 9 crores.A�

It is not a usual bull. It eats kilos of badam, pista or kaju if it feels hungry. It drinks only mineral water. It guzzles down two cartons of beer if it wants to sleep in summer. In winter, it can easily gulp two bottles of Black Dog whisky.

The bull, which belongs to a�?Murraa�� breed and lives like a king, participated in many exhibitions in foreign countries. TheA�HyderabadA�a�?Sadara�� organizers have brought a�?Virata�� from Haryana spending lakhs of rupees, for the Yadav communitya��s prestigious festival.A�

The Rs 9-crore worth bull is this yeara��s special attraction in the a�?Sadara�� festival, which is being celebrated by Yadav community inA�HyderabadA�in a grand manner. Virata��s owner will earn Rs 70 lakh per year by selling the bulla��s semen in the form of injections. Last year the bull price was Rs 7crore.A�

Chittaboina Parusharam Yadav, Sandeep Yadav and Laddu Yadav from Chappal Bazar are taking all measures to celebrate the Sadar festival on a grand note this year.


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