My role in a�?Mahanatia�� is just a gossip: Nani

Hyderabad: The media acts so fast than every other. If somebody reports that he has seen the tail and suspects it belongs to a tiger, the gossip mongers develop it and get prepared to write about the height, weight and colour, besides how ferocious it looks. Rumour mongers spread the news so fast.

This was proved true with the film-related journalism. Such rumours spoiled the lives of many artistes especially actresses. Once again this was proved with regard to Nani and Sharwanand. Someone reported that they both signed agreement for a�?Mahanatia��.

It is well aware that the film is based on the biography of yesteryeara��s actress Savitri and Keerthi Suresh was roped in to play the lead role and Samantha was convinced to play her co-actress Jamuna. Basically, the film is a heroine-oriented movie. But for these two actress, there is no official confirmation about other artistes. However, some enthusiastic websites reported that Nani and Sharwanand are part of the project. When asked, Nani categorically replied that the report is a�?not truea��. The film is being made as a trilingual as Savitri is well-known actress in Telugu and Tamil besides Hindi languages. Nag Ashwin is at the helm of affairs.

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