Roja not prepared to tender apology, questions TDP intensions


Amaravati: YSR Congress legislator R K Roja, who had completed one year of suspension from attending the House proceedings, is having merry time moving around the premises of the new Assembly at Velagapudi during the last two days. She is allowed on the first day when the Governor addressed both Houses and was also allowed on the second day when the House took up the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address.

Found on the lobby by the media persons, Roja quipped that she had served the ‘punishment’ period and there was no reason for the House to ‘punish’ her again for the same reason. “They might quote any number of reasons to keep me out of the House, but they are to be justified,” she said asserting her stand.

She had even questioned the way that the House had suspended her for one full year, despite the Courts finding fault with it. “Whether or not I have behaved objectionably, they need to show it. What all they have been circulating or showing is the morphed video clips ‘stolen from the House by Whip Kaluva Srinivasulu,” is what she had shared while chatting with the media persons. She further wondered how the Speaker, head of the House, is silent on the video footage of the House proceedings were stolen and why action is not taken against the person who had stolen the clips and released them to the media in support of the TDP’s charges against her.

“My question that the House has to make it clear is whether the video footage is stolen or officially made available to the ruling party alone? If the video footage is made available to the TDP officially, why was it not made available to me who is accused? If the video footage is stolen, why no action is taken against the thief,” is what Roja asked.

When she was asked why she did not attend the meetings of the Privileges Committee in the past on the complaint by the TDP MLA Anita, the YSR Congress fire brand legislator said that the Privileges Committee had convened the meetings when her case had come up for hearing. “They have done it intentionally. Don’t they know that the case is in the court and comes for hearing and I have to be available in the court? How can they convene a meeting when I am in the court? I have attended the first meeting of the committee and had given my version. Later, they have never given me a chance as the two hearings were posted when I had the hearings in the court,” she said pointing an accusing finger at the ruling TDP.

When her attention was drawn to the comments of Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu that she had to tender an open and unconditional apology for her comments on TDP MLA Anitha, she quipped, “let them tell me that directly.”

Meanwhile, the House is adjourned for Monday, March 13 without taking any decision on Roja’s suspension and the complaint by TDP MLA Anitha.

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