Roja Dubs Naidu as “Settlement Chief Minister”

HYDERABAD: YSRCP legislator Roja today lambasted Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for trying to suppress the women leaders and officials.

Addressing media at YSRCP office here on Saturday, Roja accused Naidu of indulging in a�?settlementsa�? and insulting the women officials. Dubbing Naidu as “Settlement Chief Minister”, Roja said Naidu was trying to spend crores of public money to purchase equipment meant for phone tapping. She demanded a probe by a sitting judge into his alleged plan of purchasing the equipment.

Though earlier, Naidu ticked off that phone tapping was wrong, he is now trying to escape from cash-for-vote scam, she deplored.

Roja objected to Naidu for calming down Musunuru MRO Vanajakshi, who was allegedly assaulted by TD legislator Prabhakar of Denduluru. She also alleged that Naidu was buying time in Vanajakshi assault case by ordering an inquiry into the episode by an IAS official.

She also found fault with the TDP Government for shifting Intelligence Official Anuradha on cash-for-vote scam, filing a case on Bhuma Nagi Reddy for questioning the police highhandedness on MLA Akhila Priya and SC, ST Atrocity case on leaders for questioning the ruling party. (NSS)

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