Rohit Vemulaa��s caste: CPI alleges conspiracy behind a�?Central dramaa��

Hyderabad:A�Demanding the BJP government at the Centre to stop the attempts to change the caste of Rohit Vemula, who hadA�committed suicide a year ago in Hyderabad Central University, theA�CPI national secretary Dr K Narayana has condemned the conspiracy beingA�hatched to make some officials asA�A�scapegoats,A�A�A�leaving the political leaders involved.A�A�

In a statement on Wednesday, Narayana demanded the Central government to order an inquiry into the issue with the apex court. A�It was unfortunate that the Central government was once again playing games on Rohita��s caste through Roopwala Commission, he said. Everybody knowsA�that the UoH Vice-Chancellor P Appa Rao was the reason for the suicide ofA�A�Rohit Vemula and theA�A�Guntur revenue officials had also declaredA�A�thatA�A�Rohit was an SC candidate and they hadA�A�also issued aA�A�certificate in this regard.

But the Central government was playing games as the Union Ministers Smrithi Irani, Bandaru Dattatreya and Vice-Chancellor Appa Rao would go to jail if theA�case was filed under SC Atrocities Law.A�A�The Central government would face aA�crisis in case it accepted the Guntur revenue officialsa��A�certificate. Was it necessary for the Central government to play this sort of low level politics on this issue, he asked and warned the government that the people would revolt against it in case it continues its low level politics.A�NSS

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