Rohit Chopra Likely To Head Indian-Federal Trade Commission

US Senator Charles Schumer recommends Rohit Chopra’s name to President Trump for appointment as head of Indian-American Federal Trade Commission.

Washington (D.C.): Top US Democratic Senator Charles Schumer has suggested to President Donald Trump that Indian-American Rohit Chopra could be appointed as head of Indian-American Federal Trade Commission. The Senate minority’s leader Schumer said the Commission should be led by people who put the interests of the consumers above everything else. The senator said Chopra had dedicated his entire life for this value and hence deserves to be considered for the position.

Chopra is currently serving as a senior fellow at the Consumer Federation of India. Earlier, he worked as a special advisor to the secretary of education. “His selection will make an excellent addition to the FTC and I strongly urge upon the President to nominate him,” Schumer said.

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