Road Safety measures in districts soon

  • Committees for road safety
  • Identify the black spots
  • Tighten the road-safety enforcements
  • Remove encroachments of pedestrian paths

HYDERABAD: a�?Prepare a Project Report to set up Scientific Driving Testing Tracks in all the districts to tighten the process of issuing driving licenses, and also to review annually the performances of drivers and fitness of the vehicles, Chief Secretary Krishna Rao said.

Today, Rao chaired a meeting with the officers of Transport, Roads, Health, Finance and Home Departments to review the Road Safety in the State. Transport Commissioner Balasubrahmanyam has briefed through a presentation on the road safety measures, on the activities and the objectives of A.P. State Road Safety Council.

A State Wide Road Safety Council was re-constituted in Andhra Pradesh with the Chief Minister as the chairman and minister for transport, roads and buildings as co-chairman, with 17 officials and related organizations as Members. A lead agency under the chairmanship of the Andhra Pradesh chief secretary is also created to assist the Road Safety Council and also to supervise the road safety activities of all the related departments in the State.

For identification of black spots and their removal, road-safety committees at district level are constituted to monitor and see the effectiveness of road-safety. All the district road-safety committees, constituted under section 215(3) and under the chairmanship of the district collector along with various related departments officials as members, were activated and were directed to identify the road corrections required at various curves, junctions and other traffica��heavy places. The road-ways departments are in the process of identifying and rectifying such spots. A total number of 1140 vulnerable areas were identified and steps are being initiated to address these vulnerable areas. Progress of road improvements will be regularly reviewed by the lead agency.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) for Government of India is also in the process of bringing-out a uniform definition of black spots with reference to road safety. After a proper definition of a�?black spota�? is declared by MoRTH, some of these vulnerable areas will be re-christened as black spots and will be addressed.

To enhance the focus of enforcements on road-safety, specific offences viz., drunken drive, over speeding, over loading, red-light jumping without helmets, seat belts etc., were identified and the enforcement officials were directed to focus on these specific offences to improve road safety. Joint enforcement teams for road safety were also formed with transport-and-police officials in all the districts. A regular analysis of the type of offences will be done, and the road safety interventions will be planned specifically with a view to reduce the repeated occurrence of such offences.

Rao has directed the concerned to insist compulsory wearing of helmets and seat belts to bring down fatalities due to road accidents. To reduce the road accidents, strengthening of the patrolling on national and state highways is essential. The inspection reports made by the enforcement teams will be considered in the meetings of the lead agency for monitoring the activities undertaken for improving road-safety and budgetary support, if any.

Government is taking steps to ensure that no liquor shops are within 50-meter radius along the national and state highways, and a proposal to set up exclusive and permanent road-safety enforcement teams, along with required gadgets like breath analyzers, speed guns, are under consideration. The district-wide road safety committees and traffic advisory committees for the cities are directed to regularly convene to take appropriate steps to remove encroachments on pedestrian paths, Rao said.

Special Chief Secretary for Health Subrahmanyam, Finance Secretary Ramesh, Secretary T R&BA�Sambob, Director General of Police Ramudu, and other officers were present at the meeting. (NSS)

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