Risk Of Alzheimer Disease Can Be Revealed By Gene test

California: Rahul Desikan, Student of University of California said that with the help of a new tool we can calculate the personalised Developing Alzheimer disease if age and Genetic information is provided.

Generally Alzhemeir disease starts showing its symptoms at the age of 60s, but with this tool a quicker diagnose can be done as per the studies and leads done by Rahul.

Alzheimer, a chronic disease, damages brain connections and leads to memory loss. Due to this, difficulties starts in thinking, problem solving and A�in language. This is a progressive disease with symptoms developing gradually along with age.

This disease is mostly related to genes, hence genetics plays the crucial role to diagnose Alzheimer.

Repeated tests on individuals who areA�healthy A�and people with Alzheimer, using genetic data, with the help of polygenic Hazard test, risk is calculated.A�Score if high, your risk of Alzheimer is high as per this study.


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