Rift between ICC and BCCI over funds allocation

  • For conducting any tournament, ICC allocates a certain budget to host country
  • BCCIA� baffled over huge cost escalation for a 19 day tournment with 15 matches
  • World T20 earlier this year in India was a 27 day event with 58 matches

Mumbai: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) miffed as International Cricket Council (ICC) allocates $135 million to organize 2017 Champions Trophy2017 Champions Trophy Champions Trophy in England from June 1-18, next year.

The budget is more than twice from $45 million that was allocated to the BCCI by the ICC for the World T20 held from March 8 to April, A�this year.

Whenever ICC conducts any tournament, a certain budget is allocated to the host country. The host country appoints LOC (Local Organizing Committee), which is responsible for all the expenditure that may occur while hosting the tournament.

What many in BCCI find baffling is the huge cost escalation for a 19-day tournament in England considering it will host only 15 matches compared to the World T20 in India which was a 27-day event with 58 matches in all (35 men’s and 23 women’s matches).

Also there are reports that the ICC will be building an office in London which will be handed over to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) once the tournament is over.

The draft budget for Champions Trophy 2017 was circulated by ICC to its members for review at the ICC Annual Conference held in Edinburgh in May-June.

Accordingly, the BCCI has sent a letter to the ICC “expressing their reservations about the budget” and the matter is expected to be discussed on the sidelines of the ICC Chief Executives meeting to be held in Dubai on September 6 and 7.

The construction of a new office is also something that is being questioned.

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