RGV, We Are Ashamed Of You!

Hyderabad: We all know Comedian turned Producer Bandlamudi Ganesh is a hardcore Pawan kalyan fan. He wont spare any one if they criticise Pawan, whom Ganesh considers as God incarnation.

Ganesh speaks out with emotion from heart, without hesitating, when the matter is about Power Star. On pre-release function, he came out openly on TV 9 Ravi Prakash. He said he does not like Ravi Prakash and TV9 as they constantly criticise Pawan Kalyan. He also said that he became a fan of TV 9 from that day when Ravi Prakash praised Kalyan on the dais on the pre- release event at Shilpakalavedika. Now it is the turn of RGV.

RGV has the habit of criticising every celebrity prior to his flick release to gain popularity. Recently, he tweeted on Pawan in a very sarcastic way which irked Pawan’s fans. RGV went a step further by tweeting about Pawana��s personal life and about three marriages of Pawan.

Ganesh was so enraged after reading this that he replied in the same manner, TIT FOR TAT. His harsh statement include RGV is a terrorist and should be ashamed of an Indian. He further added that Pawan fans wona��t spare RGV if he comes to their area. ” You are like an expired tablet and barking dog, you are not worth of even Pawana��s footwear,” tweeted Ganesh.

Reacting to RGVa��s tweet about giving back money to the buyers who lost for distributing Sardar gabbar Singh, Ganesh said the loss caused by RGV to Nation is humongous.

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