RGV VS Pawan Takes Ugly Turn

Hyderabad: Tweets war between RGV and Pawan kalyan fans turned ugly today with tweets crossing the limits to a maximum extent. 

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Revanth Reddy Supports Pawan Kalyan

At last Pawan kalyan got the support from a TDP MLA who is not from AP, but Telangana.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief who launched party with an emotional speech at Hitex could not receive the support as expected for three years.

Despite huge following in both Telugu States, Pawan became just a laughing stock for expressing his views only on Twitter, but now he is seriously working to strengthen the party and prepare it for 2019 elections.

Pawan tried to be in public attention with different captions and tweets to gain popularity and went on talking about South-North divide which is not there in a dominant form.

Though he faced critics on the South-North discourse , he found a friend who supported his theory, that too from TDP in Telangana. He is none other than firebrand Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy said it is clear that the discrimination is going on by the Central Government on southern States. He heaped praiseon Power Star for bringing this subject to public notice.

One has to wait and see how TDP Supreme will react to this statement by Revanth Reddy.

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Pawan Kalyan Faces Double Trouble

Pawan Kalyan had a slip of tongue during his interaction with the volunteers from Anantapur when he said the electricity bulb was invented by Einstein.

Hyderabad: All is not well with Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan. Recently he had a tongue slip during the interaction with Volunteers from Ananthpur. In his speech, Pawan said Albert Einstein invented electric bulb and everyone should take him as an inspiration. Later he came to know that electric bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. But he had no time to cover it up. His twitter account was hacked which gave a rude shock to Jana Sena soldiers.

Communication between Jana Sena and its activists is through twitter and the fridge was now hacked which disappointed Jana Sena followers.

Pawan is active though his twitter account which was started in 2015. Pawan has more than 2 million followers on Twitter.

Jana Sena officially stated that “Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s twitter was blocked. We believe that it was hacked, experts are looking after it and severe action will be taken on them”.

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Who Is A Full-Time Politician? Pawan Asks His Critics

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan took a dig at his critics for branding him as part-time politician. He said he had not seen a full-time politician and alleged that all of them have made money in politics.

Amaravati: Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan rebutted criticism on him which says that he is a part time politician. While addressing his party full-time activists from Ananthapur district, the actor-turned politician said that he had not seen a full time politician anywhere. He said that the politicians are making money enough for generations and were sitting at home. On his part, he had to work in films to support his family and staff, he said. While admitting that he had greatest respect for films, he asserted that he would keep films aside if required to fight for the problems of the people.

He reiterated that he would contest from Ananthapur in the next elections and would start meeting people there shortly. He asked the full time activists, who were selected for Ananthapur in the first phase, to gear up for the next elections. He wanted them to highlight the peoples’ issues and get closure to the masses. He announced that he would undertake padayatra in Ananthapur district to know the problems of the people and extend support to them.

Having selected speakers, content writers and analysts from Ananthapur district, the Jana Sena is now busy with the selection for the three north Andhra districts and Hyderabad. He said that the Jana Sena will have similar network in the two Telugu States before going for the next elections.

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Why Pawan Decides To Sell The Car He Likes Most?

One wonders why Pawan Kalyan has decided to sell the car he liked most. The reason he gave is not convincing.

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan, actor-turned-politician, came out with a shocking news about his car, Mercedes Benz. Pawan has to sell his car due to the high EMI’s he has to pay for the car.

Pawan kalyan bought the car of his choice, but after hearing that he has to dispose it, one gets doubt if the reason he cited is true.

Pawan’s latest flicks like Gabbar Singh, Attarintiki Daredi were huge hits. Even Katamarayudu gave a good break for him. In a press meet, Pawan said he thinks twice before commenting on anything; if so is this real reason behind disposing the car he liked most.

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Pawan Kalyan Supports Agitation On Dharna Chowk

Dharna Chowk at Indira Park is the dais for raising the voice against problems faced by citizens, Pawan said.

Hyderabad: The actor- turned-politician Pawan Kalyan tried to pacify the controversy he sparked over the appointment of TTD EO. Addressing the media on Thursday at Jana Sena party office, Pawan said that he is not against North India.

“I give a lot of importance to the Hindi language. There is a Hindi song in my film Khushi. But, I only said that South Indians too should be given opportunities on par with North Indians. I’m not against the appointment of Anil Singhal. When I met Modi in Ahmedabad I told him about the issues. I took the issue of discrimination against South Indians to Modi’s notice, he explained.”

People who want the country to be united must raise their voice on issues, but it should not affect the integrity of the country, he said.

Everyone has a right to protest in a democracy. And democracy gave the right to raise the voice when justice is not done, he said. Dharna Chowk at Indira Park is the dais for raising the voice against problems faced by citizens, he observed.

Announcing Jana Sena support to the agitation for Dharna Chowk, he said it’s not fair to stop peaceful protests.
Condemning the arrest of farmers who are protesting for support price, he said that he is not against any party. “I will be on people’s side,” he said.

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Jana Sena Leader Defends Pawan’s Statements

Jana Sena leader Mahender Reddy defends the statements made by his leader Pawan Kalyan opposing the appointment of Singhal, a North Indian, as EO of the TTD.

Hyderabad: The row over the TTD EO created sparks in political circles, particularly after Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan came out with a statement alleging North-South bias. Pawan faced critics from TDP, BJP and by AP IAS officers association over his remarks on Singhal.

Now Jana Sena Leaders came forward to clarify Pawan’s stand. Jana Sena Leader Mahender Reddy clarified that Pawan’s statement was misunderstood and he is not against the appointment of Singhal as TTD EO.

Mahender further stated that Pawan questioned why no Telugu IAS officers were appointed as authorities of Northern temples and there was nothing wrong in their leader’s statement.

He praised Pawan about his commitment to patriotism. Pawan’s love for the country and integrity cannot be questioned and if anybody does, he should introspect his patriotism, mahender said.

Pawan is trying for equal justice to both states of Telugu people, this is the main intention behind his statement, Mahender said.

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Union Minister Insults Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan

Minister claims he does not know Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena Party members feed offended.

Tirupathi: In a surprising, embarrassing moment, Central Minister from AP said that he is unaware of actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan.

Central Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju visited Dwaraka Tirumala on Tuesday. Addressing media about the comment made by Jana Sena Chief on North Bias in electing Singhal as TTD EO, Minister said that he doesn’t know who Pawan Kalyan is. He further stated that he stopped watching films a long time ago and has no idea about film star Pawan Kalyan.

The Jana Sena Party cadre felt insulted by his statements and said, Ashok Gajapathi Raju is senior man in AP politics who worked as Minister for state cabinet many times and his statement about Pawan was wrong.

Pawan Kalyan had campaigned for TDP-BJP alliance in 2014 elections and Jana Sena activists have spun the question back as to hoe a senior leader could forget about something as relevant.

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Mohan Babu Condemns Pawan Kalyan

Film actor Mohan Babu has joined issue with another actor Pawan Kalyan in the controversy regarding appointment of a North Indian as TTD Executive Officer.

Tirupati: Appointment of TTD EO from the North by Naidu’s government irked a few politicians and religious heads of AP. But Actor Mohan Babu said that there is nothing wrong in appointing ISS officer Anil Kumar Singhal as EO.

Mohan Babu further added that Singhal is a sincere officer with lot of integrity and he is from Andhra cadre and worked as collector for various districts in the undivided AP.

Mohan Babu condemned Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan’s comments, “it is not proper to restrict Lord Balaji to a particular region or language. There is nothing wrong in appointing a non- Telugu speaking officer as TTD EO” he said in a statement.

BJP senior leader from Tirupati, Bhanu Prakash Reddy also raised voice against Pawan kalyan. “It is better to read the TTD Act before making comments. It is enough if the officer is a Hindu and has faith in Lord Venkateswara as per Act. There is no need to make any fuss. It is better to look at his administration rather than looking at his language,” said Bhanu Prakash.

He further stated that Anil is from India only and not from Pakistan, please remember it, thus pointing fingers at Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who has been talking about the North-South divide.

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Pawan Completes Screening Test In Anantapur

Pavan Kalyan has completed the screening of the youths for recruiting as cadre in Jana Sena.

Anantapur: Pawan Kalyan, who came up with a creative idea to hold an entrance test for selecting foot soldiers for the party, has completed screening in Ananthpur district. Pawan Kalyan is planning to contest in the 2019 elections, as declared by him earlier. Jana Sena Chief now moved towards Uttarandhra and Vishakaptnam for recruiting activists.

Jana Sena invited applications from these places and can be sent online till May 13th. As per Pawan kalyan, this test is just to know the capacity and skills and talent of the candidates and requested them not to see it as competitive exams.

Still, Ananthpur results are not declared and applicants are not told about their services and action if they were selected.

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Pawan kalyan Congratulate Rajamouli for Baabhubali touching 1000 crore mark

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan congratulated whole team of Baahubali  as the film touche 1000 crore mark in collections. Here is the tweet by actor turned politician Pawan kalyan:

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Pawan Kalyan: Be Fair With Two States In Chilli Prices

Pawan Kalyan has flayed the Central Government for showing bias against Telangana farmers while deciding the quantity of chillies to be purchased.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan flayed  Central Government for its unfair attitude between two states in Chilli farmers’ issue.

Centre announced that it would buy chillies at cost of Rs 5000 per quintal under Market Intervention scheme, upto May 31st. Added to this, Union Minister Venkiah Naidu stated that a maximum of 88,300 metric tons can be procured under MIS scheme from AP, where as in Telangana he restricted the quantity to 33,700 metric tons.

Pawan lashed out on this bias between the two states and in a press release stated that centre should procure the same quantity as it did for AP .

He further added that ₹ 5000 per quintal as announced by the Centre will not offset the  falling prices and the support price should be further increased by Centre.

In a media statement, Pawan said that farmers are protesting on roads in two states which shows the situation of farmers who were neglected by the governments is very bad. It is not good for the country if the farmers are made to suffer, Pawan said.

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Pawan Kalyan Draws Criticism

Pawan’s recent visit to Andhra Jyothy’s Office after the building was damaged in a fire accident draws criticism.

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan launched Jana Sena with an enthusiastic and an emotional speech in front of a large crowd with a slogan, “Not for Power But to Question the Power”. Pawan’s followers hoped that he would be a game changer in the upcoming elections, as he did in 2014 elections.

But pouring water on their hopes, Pawan became a part-time politician with tweets and press notes. The Jana Sena Chief visited Andhra Jyothy Office, when he came to know that it was hit by a fire accident. He spent a few hours at the office and consoled the management.

But this led to a severe criticism from people of AP. Now, they question him: where was Pawan when 15 people were killed in Erpedu’s lorry accident? Many ask if Pawan had no time to visit victims who were hospitalised during Diwakar’s bus accident at Nandigama or at Ananthpur?

Pawan responded by only tweeting on these incidents. Political experts felt that he could have achieved an extra mileage, if he had personally visited Erpedu or Nandigama

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Pawan Kalyan Once Again Hits Naidu To Hurt Jagan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan does it again. He criticised Chandrababu Naidu in the name of serving the farmers with an ulterior motive of depriving mileage to Opposition leader Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Pawan Kalyan Once Again Hits Naidu To Hurt Jagan

Hyderabad: Just before AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to the US, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan has, for the first time, come out with severe criticism against him.

‘Can’t u see the problems of farmers who are striving without much profit? Instead of doing foreign tours for investments, it’s better to solve the farmers’ issue at state level by increasing chilli price from 8000 to 11000′, Pawan said in a press note released on Tuesday.

Surprisingly Pawan’s statement came just when YSRC Chief, opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy concluded his two day’s Rythu Deeksha at Guntur.

Whenever Jagan takes a ditch at Naidu on people’s issue, Pawan tries to hijack the issue with his tweet or press note. This is clearly to break the mileage of Jagan who is gaining ground level popularity for a few days using the growing anti -incumbency sentiment among the people.

It is better for Jana Sena Chief to stop this guest appearance and fight on his own instead of helping the ruling party by denying mileage to another opposition party, according to political analysts.

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Typical Tweet By Pawan On May Day

Jana Sena Chief Pawan came up with a tweet of his own style on May Day

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan came up with a typical tweet on May Day. He wished soldiers at the border and mother’s at home, which is entirely different from other politicians and political leaders.

Pawan also felt that May Day is the day which is celebrated across India, free from caste, religion and regional differences.


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Gaddar: Ballot Is My Bullet

I will walk with Pawan Kalyan and talk with Kodandram. The present political mafia must go. Telangana dreamt by those who sacrificed their lives must come.

Balladeer and revolutionary poet Gaddar says in a recent interview with Maa Sarma, CEO of Tollywood channel, that he would create another political force before 2019. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Q: Where from did you get the imagination and inspiration to sing a song that comes out naturally?

A: It has come from life. It has come from nature. Imagination has become song. The song is transformed into physical force.

Q: Whose voice is yours?

A: I got the voice from mother and singing from father.

Q: Is there any use with your song?

A: Poetry recited in people’s language for the sake of the people is certainly useful. Asathoomasadgamaya… there is truth in it. Peoples’ language has greater force.

Q: Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) is celebrating 16th foundation day. How is KCR rule?

A: This is a rule by Dora (a feudal, landlord). A rule by upper caste. He says he would give sheep and she-buffalos for the BCs but never says he would give power.

Q: you led a movement for Telangana Statehood. Telangana State has been formed. Do you think we need a movements even now?

A: We did not get the Telangana we cherished. This is only a geographical Telangana. We want Telangana of sacrifices.

Q: What do you mean by Telangana of sacrifices?

A: Those who sacrificed and those for whom Telangana movements were organised, they should become part of the administration. In fact, they should rule. No good is happening for the downtrodden.

Q: We have projects like Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha. What else you want?

A: The water and the land surrounding it are not going to the weaker sections. We are not getting the benefits that are accrued in small States.

Q: What about reservations?

A: The community that KCR belongs to is minuscule. Same in Andhra Pradesh. There is no change in the lives of the people who constitute 52 percent of the population. They are not getting 25 percent of the benefits they are Constitutionally entitled to. This is political mafia. We want liberation from this mafia.

Q: Professor Kodandram has been fighting against KCR regime. Do you think Kodandram became a loner?

A:True. When Telangana Statehood was achieved he praised everyone. He could not press for the demands. Thus Kodandram became a loner.

Q: Is he in a position to question KCR? Why could not you question KCR?

A: We, like Kodandram, could not demand any thing from KCR. We did not take the decisions we ought to have taken at that time. That is why there is need today for another movement.

Q: Will you stand by Kodandram?

A: certainly. Kodandram will grow into a big force in future.

Q: Srikrishna Committee had warned that Maoists will become powerful and anti-social elements will rise  their heads if a separate State for Telangana comes into being. What do you say?

A: you are witnessing the scenario. What has risen? Even today people in the villages are waiting for ‘annalu’ (Maoists). They bemoan that they do not have even Maoists to offer shoulder to them when they face difficulties.

Q: Has Maoism weakened?

A: We say war and peace. There is a stage in war when peace prevails. This is just that. The great journey has not stopped. Once there were four or five Maoists. Now they are in lakhs.

Q: Twenty years have passed after a bullet is embedded in your body? How do you feel while moving with a bullet in the body?

A: Yes. I was struggling in a pool of blood. My will power and the power of my admirers had saved me. Bullets are not new to us. Even when the gun was aimed at out chest threatening us of dire consequences, we conducted meetings.

Q: You have enrolled yourself as a voter recently. Have you developed faith in democratic polity?

A: I am not against vote? My theory is that we should not vote for those who exploited us.

Q: Has your journey continued from bullet to ballot?

A: Marx to Ambedkar. Ambedkar to Marx. This is a scientific transformation. That is all. My path  has not changed.

Q: You have launched ‘Mahajana Samajam’ some time back. Is it the political party you are talking about?

A: For the present,  the Samajam is working for the families of those who sacrificed their lives in the movement. Sriramulu Srinivas is the president of the Samajam. I am honorary president. All members of my family are in the organisation.

Q: What is the future course of action for the Samajam?

A: We will organise a big rally at Bhuvanagiri. People belonging to the families of persons from the two Telugu States who made sacrifices would attend the meeting. About ten lakh people are expected to come for the rally.

Q: Do you think there is need for another political party in Telangana? Even if a party is formed, will it come into power? Will the government of your dreams be ever see the light of the day?

A: There is dire need for a new political party. There is a vacuum. We will take all like-minded people with us in our march. Mahajana Samajam will be evolved into a formidable political force. I have toured many States like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. Telangana also will transform in the same way.

Q: You say ‘a song for every village will be a path to parliament.’  Do you wish to become an MP?

A: Party means votes and votes mean beer, biriyani and crores of rupees, they say. This is how everyone is spoiled. My becoming an MP is not important. Young citizens should become rulers. They should be sent to legislatures. There are 120 lakh youth in the country between the age of 18 to 40 years. These youth should get enlightened. That is my goal.

Q: Are you prepared to campaign in elections along with Pawan Kalyan? Do you want to travel with him in politics.

A: I know Pawan Kalyan from his childhood. He is my fan and a good friend. We think alike. I like those who question the rulers. I always want to join shoulders with them. I worked with Chiranjeevi in the past when he founded Praja Rajyam Party.

Q: Chiranjeevi had failed in politics. Do you think Pawan Kalyan can succeed?

A: Winning and losing is natural. I like his philosophy and thoughts.

Q: Do you think your song has lost its driving force?

A: Come with me, you will know. My song is like a siren, the Hen Scream, That is always packed with power. It wakes up those who are asleep.

Q: You get emotional when a reference is made to a village or a mother. Why?

A: They are my oxygen. My life. I went to my village after a gap of 60 years. It has completely transformed.  It is not global village. It has become a strange village. Our land has become real estate. Even today the roots of my poetry and songs are in my village.

Q: Osmania University is celebrating its centenary. What is your attachment to the University?

A: I used to walk for a number of kilometres to reach Osmania University. When I first saw the magnificent buildings I was reminded of Great Poet Sri Sri. His famous poem ‘Tajamahal Nirmaanaaniki Raallettina Kuuliilevvaru…’ came to my mind. I remembered our poor hostel and four village level English speaking capabilities. I stepped into Osmania University wearing torn clothes without wearing chappals.

Q: Of late, you have been visiting temples. You are getting blessings from archakas through ‘setagopam’ (a bronze or silver bowl  kept on the head of a devotee by way of blessing). Have you started believing in God?

A: I always respected God. Once I was an outcast in my village because of the practice of untouchability. The archakas used to ask me to stay away. That was the Gaddar of the past. Now I am blessed at the same temples. As my father used to tell me the education I had, gave me the respect and recognition I enjoy.

Q: How do you like the ballards like Annamayya and Ramadasu or poets like Pothanna, Sri Sri and Cherabandaraju?

A: I like all of them. I am their literary heir. My father was a devotee of Lord Siva. He used to sing Kabir’s songs. He used to read Ramayana and Bhagavatam for us. I went to Pothanna samadhi recently. The relics are in a dilapidated condition. Pothanna’s descendants asked me to inform the government about the state of affairs. Annamayya and Pothanna questioned the kings. They were rebel poets.

Q: Do you Ike films?

A: I very much like films. Cinema is a great art form. It is a beautiful garland of all arts. But I sang only for a few films. Maa Bhoomi, Rangula Kala, Orey Riksha, Dandakaranya are some of the films for which I sang. Most of my life was spent with the people.

Q: Who are your favourite singers and actors? Which is the music you like most?

A: I like folk songs, Hindustani and classical music. I listen to the music. I like the poems and the music genres. Raga would cure roga (disease), it is said.

Q: Who are your favourite heroes?

A: I like the heroes in real life. Savitri was a great, wonderful and accomplished actor.

Q: Is Pawan Kalyan a reel hero or a real hero?

A: Debate on Pawan is endless now-a-days. (Skips the question)

Q: Swamijis and pithadhipatis carry tridandam with them. You carry dandam. What is its significance?

A: I don’t know about them. I have Buddha’s panchasila with me.

Yadagiri became Yadadri. The God was displaced from the original place. The rulers have done it.

Earlier Nizam was the only ruler. Today all are worse than Nazis.

Ambedkar. Phule, Marx, Buddha…. I would tread the path shown by them.

I will visit villages with my song. I would become a bullet for the rulers. I will make citizens the rulers. Will take the song to parliament.

The dream of the martyred should come true. The fruits of sacrifice should reach all, said Gaddar in an emotional way.

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Pawan’s Role In Baahubali 2 Success

What on earth Pawan Kalyan has to do with ‘Bahubali 2? The story writer says the power star inspired him indirectly to script the interval bang which has been liked most.

Hyderabad: ‘Baahubali : The Conclusion’ is getting encomiums from critics across globe. The magnum opus is shattering records worldwide with almost houseful collections.

Interval bang is getting huge applaud by audience, which we can say highlight of the flick. Film writer, Vijayendra Prasad, in his post interview revealed the secret and inspiration for that scene.

As per him, he went on to watch an event where Pawan kalyan’s fans keep on chanting slogans” Pawan, Pawan” for more than 5 minutes. The scene if watched by any other star would have felt a sharp pang of jealousy of power star, according to the writer. This hysteria towards Pawan made the writer to script the interval bang where Bhallaladeva is seen with anger and jealousy when people chant Baahubali’s name during coronation.

So indirectly there is Pawan’s mark in the success of Baahubali as per Vijayendra Prasad.

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Jana Sena: Film Celebrities, Politicians To Join

Tollywood actors and politicians from different parties are ready to join Jana Sena in June 1st week, say reliable sources.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan is least bothered about surveys or comments made on his party by opposition leaders. Pawan Kalyan is focused on contesting in both Telugu states not unduly bothering about the results.  Jana Sena Chief is busy with Trivikarma’s flick and shoot is going on at Ramoji Film City at brisk pace.

Jana Sena Chief’s close friend, comedian Ali will be the first actor to announce the decision of joining the party. Ali, who tried to contest for an Assembly seat in the last elections in TDP ticket. But the ticket was denied by senior leaders of the ruling party. As per our sources, Ali may contest from Guntur or Rajahmahendravaram in Jana Sena ticket. Another Tollywood actor who will represent Jana Sena is Nithin from Telangana. But he is limited only to campaigning for party, as Nithin is not interested in a contest. Suman, who is in the BJP for a few years, may join Jana Sena in coming days.

Along with these film personalities, politicians who were disappointed with last cabinet reshuffle are now looking towards Jana Sena which they are certain to join sooner or later. Kagitha Venkat Rao, Bandaru Satyanand, Bonda Uma will certainly represent Jana Sena in 2019 elections.

In Telangana Gaddar too gave hints of allying with Jana Sena and latest buzz is TJAC Chairman Kodandaram too could ally with Jana Sena, a good force to reckon. Thus news is yet to be confirmed.

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Pawan Kalyan Congratulates K Viswanath

Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram met celebrity director K Viswanath to congratulate him on getting Phalke award. Pawan says it is proud moment for every South Indian.

Hyderabad: Honouring the veteran filmmaker K Viswanath who won Dada Saheb Phalke Award, actor Pavan Kalyan and filmmaker Trivikram announced the release of 12 handpicked movies of the director as limited edition.

After meeting and congratulating Viswanath for achieving the country’s highest award in the cinema on Wednesday, Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram announced their decision to facilitate the release of the disk.

Speaking to media after meeting Viswanath, he termed it a proud moment for every south Indian. Stating that he is not that experienced nor has the stature to talk about such a tall person, Pawan said that he was very happy for Viswanath Sir.

Saying that sankarabharanam had changed his perception towards Carnatic music, Pawan recalled how much he appreciated western music as a kid. The very film changed my perception towards classical music, he added.

“This honour for Viswanath only enhanced my respect for awards,” said Trivikram.

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When Will Pawan Kalyan Realise?

Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena has not yet started working as a political party. But he talks of contesting elections in AP as well as Telangana? Is it just a boast?

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan is trying to connect North-South Divide issue for a few days with his intriguing posts on Twitter.

For this he is trying to attack centre, raise a banner of revolt against PM Narendra Modi, his old idol, for showing discrimination against the South. He is trying to post outdated news to increase the heat between South and North. Recently he tweeted, “If Centre does not respect the Sub-National identity in a country like ours; which is known for its cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity, then…they are creating a fertile breeding grounds for separatist movements. If it is meant to be a warning bell for Modi, it does not sound good at the present juncture, say political analysts.

Pawan kalyan left the state issues like Special Category Status, Unemployment, Land acquisation, Kidney problem at Uddanam and in Prakasam district, Aqua Park, Agri Gold. He disposed them with press meets. He did not react when four YSRCP MLAs who had defected were sworn-in as ministers.

Pawan should realise that people of Southern states like Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala will not connect with South-North Divide issue and it is better for him to focus on the issues which he had left unattended. In Tamil Nadu, DMK acting president MK Stalin may support Pawan’s argument to an extent, as long as he is in opposition.

Pawan stated that his party will contest in Telangana too in 2019 elections. But the party is yet to start functioning as a normal political party. Jana Sena has not yet started ground work on any burning issue. When will Pawan realise?

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Jana Sena Ready To Face Early Elections: Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan says his party Jana Sena is prepared to face early elections next year.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan in his tweet stated that Jana Sena is ready to face elections at any time in 2018.

With early poll bugle echos from all parties across state touched Jana Sena, Pawan reacted that party will face elections at any time and there is no pressure on him and has sufficient time to cope with the matter.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had reportedly hinted at the State going for early elections in 2018 and asked the leaders to get ready. This made Jana Sena Chief change his strategy as per party sources.

Pawan will complete all film schedules in coming six months or by the end of 2017. Pawan does not want to sign any new films in 2018.

Pawan  has decided to launch the campaign in 2018 January according party sources. From January, he will be in public, fighting on issues related to the people and waging war against ruling party. This once again gives clear picture that Jana Sena does not want to go with TDP in coming elections.

There are calls from CPI and Lok Satta parties to join hands with them, Pawan will decide on this issue in coming days.

Pawan is planning to complete booth in charges and coordinators before November 2017.

Party sources say, only Pawan will take up the issue of selecting candidates and there will be no second thought related to this issue.

Jana Sena completed its first round of recruiting activists in Anantapur district on Friday. Party has plans to contest from Telangana too, but scenario looks to be difficult for the party to fight alone in political arena of Telangana.

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