Ram Gopal Varma To Make Film On Nayeem

Hyderabad: Ram Gopal Varma, famous Bollywood director, has announced through Twitter on Tuesday, 23 August 2916, that he would be making a three-part film on the life of Nayeemuddin, a gangster who was killed recently by the Telangana police in an alleged encounter in Mahaboobnagar district. He tweeted thus: ‘ Just gathered entire information on Nayeemuddin from multiple sources. His crimes over the years are truly hair raising details. Nayeemuddin’s transformation from a Naxalite to a police informant to an underworld gangster to become an all time Criminal no. 1 is scary. Nayeemuddin’s story is so complex and has so much of content that it’s impossible to justify it by telling it in only one feature film. Am going to make a 3-part film in Nayeemuddin story. Rakta Charitra had only two parts. Nayeem will have three parts.

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Ram Gopal Varma (RG) concedes that the life of Moist turned police informer turned Mafia don has more angles and twists than the story of Moist turned factionist turned politician Paritala Ravindra of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. Rakta Charitra was based on the life of Parital Ravindra who was gunned down by Moddu Seenu in Anantapur town on 25 January 2005. Ravindra was the leader of a dominant faction which killed a number of persons belonging to rival faction. He became a minister in the TDP dispensation. Paritala Ravi who was underground as a Naxalite activist retuned to avenge the brutal murder of his father and brother. Later he became a mainstream politician. Another Gangster-politician Suryanarayana Reddy alias Maddelacheruvu Suri, a key accused in Ravi’s murder case, was shot dead on 4 January 2011. The factional rivalry between families of Ravi and Suri became the basis for RG’s movie ‘Rakta Charitra’. The multilingual film starring Vivek Oberoi and Surya as Ravi and Suri respectively created a flutter and angered the peace loving people. The first part of Rakta Charitra was released in October in 2011. For the second part RG visited Anantapur jail in 2009 to meet Suri who in turn traveled to Banguluru to see the rushes of Rakta Charitra-II just a month before he was killed in Hyderabad by one of his close associates.

We have to wait and see who the ace director would pick up to play the leading role in the film on Nayeemuddin. It is bound to create a lot of heat and controversy. That is exactly why the wily director selects such stories.


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  1. raghava says:

    The Role of criminal lawyers and Judges is to be ascertained. Judges never find a criminal as criminal, if kickbacks are given regularly. Govt has to kill that criminal in encounter at the end. Judges are the hidden force who worked even behind Gangster Nayeem to grow in many folds. Criminals are eliminated, but not criminal lawyers? why so. Similar to Gray Hound Police, there should be some other force, which should take complaints against criminal lawyers too. They only scare people/Victims further with bogus charges& IPC acts. Hence there should be some cell in Intelligence bureau. Ex- Sri Godey Satish(7595). he harassed many family people not to come forward to give evidence against his client smt Birudha Raja Ratnam, lecturer, ASP Oriental College, Kothi, Hyderbad. she got fakeSC papers. She cheated many people using her status as Govt College lecturer. She abused many in filthy language, once refunds are asked for the amount she collected from victims.Never believe sri Godey Satish and his bogus affidavits, substantial evidence. Substantial Evidence is bogus just like his character. Always rely on relatives, siblings and neighbors for truth.

  2. sagarika says:

    Family members of smt Raja ratnam wants to give full details in fakeSC job holders case. Even if IAS officers conduct survey and detect with fakeSC papers, then how Judges issue contempt of court orders, Non-bailable warrants to IAS officers to save fakeSC Woman smt Birudha Raja ratnam. How intimidation is used on family members, how Judges are made to listen cock and bull stories for more than six years…etc..If Ram Gopal varma makes film on criminal lawyers, dailogue to dailogue conversation and discussions will be told by them. Step Mother harassment, how defence people are insulted by woman and police, how lawyers narrate how they make Judges as jokers to punish IAS officers in fakeSC cases.. . contact.. sri Papa Raju from Hyderabad

  3. girish11 says:

    Lawyers and Judges played crucial role for the progress of Mr Nayeem. A Criminal can progress rapidly only with their support. out of 24 murders, Govt doctors gave post mortem certificate as natural death in four murder cases. Incredible India. can it happen without the hand of public prosecutor? Pervert Judges could not find the secrets of his escape from law. Whom they are fooling? sri Godey Satish narrated alot about police and judges involvement in criminal cases. IAS officers are issued contempt of court in fakeSC cases. CC201/2012 and CC1023/2013. Judges are finding it very interesting to listen to fake story in fakeSC case smt Biruda Raja ratnam. Famly members are intimidated for the past six years by sri Godey Satish. who will listen their agony? So, A picture must reflect living people and ongoing cases. Contact family members..they disclose all about lawyer sri Godey Satish and his harassment by sending juniotrlawyers and police.

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