RGV: Sridevi Is A Miracle

“Who could have imagined this little girl will become the biggest superstar ever of Indian screen. Sridevi is a miracle,

Mumbai: It is everybody’s knowledgethat the maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is a die-hard fan of Sridevi. He revealed it several times and went on to say that she was India’s boon. On Wednesday he shared a childhood photo of Sridevi, whom he called a miracle. He wondered how the young girl has gone on to become a superstar in Indian cinema.

“Who could have imagined this little girl will become the biggest superstar ever of Indian screen. Sridevi is a miracle,” Varma tweeted.

He also shared a photo of a young Sridevi with her parents.

Verma worked with her in Telugu films such as “Kshana Kshanam” and “Govinda Govinda”.

Mr Verma has also stated earlier that he expressed his admiration for her even before her husband Boney Kapoor. He felt she should not have married at all.


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Baahubali 2 Producers Should Sponsor Mental Health Check Ups : RGV

Mumbai: Ramgopal Verma, known for nasty twitter comments came up once again on Baahubali 2. RGV felt that those who do not like Baahubali 2 need psychiatric help.

He also sent a message to producers of the film which say that Shobhu Yarlagadda should sponsor Mental health Check Ups for those who disliked Baahubali 2, magnum opus.

He also responded to Shobhu’s tweet of “Baahubali Storm In US”. RGV said ” Sir, calling storm is insulting Baahubali, ….its a Typhoon having intercourse with a volcano to produce lots of baby earthquakes.

RGV applauded flick with his continuous tweets which are as follows:

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RGV tweets on Baahubali 2, says flick is a Dinosaur

Mumbai: Baahubali mania gripped globe on Friday with reports positive for the flick and Indian Cinema Industry is heading for a new record all over with this flick. RGV came up with sensational tweet and here it is:

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RGV’s Remarks On Baahubali, Viswanath Continue To Provoke

Film director Ram Gopal Verma has commented in his own inimitable style on Baahubali and K Viswanath, Dada Saheb Phalke Award. Look at his audacity….

Mumbai: Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Verma (RGV) continued his arrows on Baahubali-2 ahead of its slated release on April 28 saying that the sequel will make most film makers feel like amateurs.

“I have a strong feeling Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali 2’ will make rest of all filmmakers in the country feel like amateur TV serial directors,” Varma tweeted.

RGV earlier posted a pic with the ace director SS Rajamouli with a comment that Rajamouli looks sexier than him (RGV). To this, Rajamouli replied with folded hands saying, “Sir, leave me like this”.

RGV has also taken a dig at the national film awards recently. On conferring Dadasaheb Phalke Award to director K Viswanath, Verma said, “I have seen 95 films of Phalke but none has the standard of  Karan Johar or Raju Hirani’s films”. He added in his inimitable style that Phalke should be given an award in the name of Viswanath.

Phalke made 95 films and I din’t see a single film equivalent of K Jo film ..I think it’s just being ancient not recognising value of present.

“Forget public not 1 in film ppl would have evr seen a Phalke film..A really relevant award for today will be a Raju Hirani or a K Jo award.

“Vishwanath gaaru.. nenu Daada saheb cinemaloo choosanu …mee cinemaloo choosanu… ..naa vuddheshamlo Dada saheb ki mee peru meeda award ivvali.”

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Vangaveeti Radha Files Defamtion Case Against RGV

To regain the lost image, Radha is once again bringing his father’s name into picture.

Vijayawada: A criminal defamation case was filed against film Director Ram Gopal verma, Producer Dasari Kiran Kumar and co-producer Sudhir Chandra for biopic on Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao which was released on 23 December 2016. Vangaveeti Radha, son of slain Vangaveeti Ranga filed a case in Vijayawda Metropolitan sessions court on Wednesday which lead to speculations as case was filed four months after the film was released.

Biopic related to gang warfare between two groups of different communities happened during 1980’s was released with huge tensions in the city last year. Even the talks between Director RGV and Radha were not fruitful.

Radha, who filed the defamation case said that the director made biopic without knowledge of actual incidents that happened during 80’s. Radha further added that dialogues in the movie are in such a way that Ranga and his brother Radha Krishna were rowdy sheeters and who were shown in poor light.

I approached police and registered a case to stop screening of the movie, Ranga followers are deeply hurt, Director should apologise for insulting Ranga and Radja, Radha urged Magistrate to take proper action against Director and producer.

The case was postponed for hearing on Thursday.

Radha is in YSRC right now. He has not been very active after losing 2014 elections. He was in charge City YSRC. The job has been given to Vellampalli Srinivas a few months ago by YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

To regain the lost image, Radha is once again bringing his father’s name into picture. Vangaveeti Ranga is known as a mass leader from Kapu community during 80’s. He has a huge following in six Coastal districts where Kapu community is strong. Now Radha wants to reunite Kapus in the name of Radha-Ranga Mithramandali. Radha’s future in politics looks bleak without support from the community which was saving their family after Ranga’s brutal murder in Vijayawada City in 1989.

Only option available for Vangaveeti Radha is to focus on Ranga’s associates who are in small number in coastal districts.

Political sources say there is a big game plan behind this drama on RGV. Vangaveeti Radha is titling towards Jana Sena for 2019 elections and at the same time he wants to make Kapu community vote bank swing towards Pawan kalyan without any split in votes. He started the ground work and for this he took RGV’s Vangaveeti biopic as a part of his plan.

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RGV Shocks Pawan fans

Mumbai: Ace Director RGV shocked Pawan fans with his latest tweet which is as follows

There was a tweet war between RGV and Pawan fans which took ugly turn in last week



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RGV Wishes Americans On April Fools Day

Mumbai: Film Maker RGV is well known in stirring controversy through his tweets. this time he came on US President Donald Trump on the eve of April Fools’ Day.



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RGV, We Are Ashamed Of You!

Hyderabad: We all know Comedian turned Producer Bandlamudi Ganesh is a hardcore Pawan kalyan fan. He wont spare any one if they criticise Pawan, whom Ganesh considers as God incarnation.

Ganesh speaks out with emotion from heart, without hesitating, when the matter is about Power Star. On pre-release function, he came out openly on TV 9 Ravi Prakash. He said he does not like Ravi Prakash and TV9 as they constantly criticise Pawan Kalyan. He also said that he became a fan of TV 9 from that day when Ravi Prakash praised Kalyan on the dais on the pre- release event at Shilpakalavedika. Now it is the turn of RGV.

RGV has the habit of criticising every celebrity prior to his flick release to gain popularity. Recently, he tweeted on Pawan in a very sarcastic way which irked Pawan’s fans. RGV went a step further by tweeting about Pawan’s personal life and about three marriages of Pawan.

Ganesh was so enraged after reading this that he replied in the same manner, TIT FOR TAT. His harsh statement include RGV is a terrorist and should be ashamed of an Indian. He further added that Pawan fans won’t spare RGV if he comes to their area. ” You are like an expired tablet and barking dog, you are not worth of even Pawan’s footwear,” tweeted Ganesh.

Reacting to RGV’s tweet about giving back money to the buyers who lost for distributing Sardar gabbar Singh, Ganesh said the loss caused by RGV to Nation is humongous.

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Better To Watch Porn Than Katamarayudu: RGV

Mumbai: Controversial film director Ram Gopal Verma will be on twitter always to provoke celebrity fans by irking them with his tweets. Once again, he came up with a controversial tweet on Katamarayudu to make Pawan kalyan fans lose their temper.

As per RGV, Katamarayudu is better than Bahubali-2 trailer. He also said that it is a bit better than Bollywood flick Avatar trailer.

He did not leave Pawan fans too. He compared them with sheep, saying that bullocks are far better than sheep due to their thick skin.

One of the scathing criticism was that watching porn is better than viewing Katamarayudu. We have to see how pawan fans react to this. Will they fall prey to his publicity trick?

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Bahubali’s Adverse Effect On RGV

Hyderabad: The Amitabh and RGV combo ‘Sarkar-3’ is expected to be released in April. However, after the release of Bahubali (The Conclusion) teaser and the high expectations on the film made the Bollywood film-makers have the second thoughts and many of them have decided to maintain safe distance from the release date of the Magnum Opus of SS Rajamouli.

Moreover, Bahubali (The Beginning) was a stupendous hit and rewrote several records of the Indian film industry and the upcoming Bahubali (The Conclusion) would be even more attractive.

Of course, the Sarkar’s earlier two series which came in the combination of Ram Gopal Varma and Amitabh Bachchan were decent hits and the third in the series would also be on par with those two. But releasing the film when a heavy film like Bahubali is being released is not a sane idea.

Hence it has been decided to release the film on May 12. Let us wait and see whether Ramu will continue the success streak with Amitabh in Sarkaar series or not.

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Pawan kalyan Is God


Hyderabad: Yes Pawan Kalyan is God and Balaji, Yadagirigutta Swamy, Bhadadri Ramudu all should be replace by Pawan. Do u want to know who said these words, just read the lines below, u will get it.

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RGV’s Satire On Top Stars of Tollywood

Hyderabad: Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma came once again with a tweet after Bahubali-2 The Conclusion Trailer was unveiled. This time by attacking top heroes of Tollywood with sarcastic tweet.

Ram has achieved his objective of getting free publicity before the release of his film starring Big B. ‘Sarkar’ is scheduled to be released soon.

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Ram Gopal Varma Says Sorry

Mumbai: Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma has expressed regrets for making derogatory remarks against women on International Women’s Day. Cases were filed against RGV in Mumbai as well as Goa. Sunny Leone whom RGV referred to in his tweet said people have to be careful in choosing words.

RGV said in the tweet that provoked women rights activists thatcher hoped ‘ women all over the world would give me as much happiness as Sunny Leone does’. This kick started a series of angry statements from women rights activists and politicians. BJP leaders have threatened him not to allow shooting in Mumbai. There were a spate of statements throughout Thursday at the end of which Ram has apologised. He said he is not apologising to those who threatened him. He is not apologising out of fear but only out of respect for the women in the country.

Ram has achieved his objective of getting free publicity before the release of his film starring Big B. ‘Sarkar’ is scheduled to be released soon.

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Ram Gopal Varma Insults Sunny Leone, Courts Controversy

Mumbai: Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma is at it again. He deliberately tweeted controversial remarks on the international Women’s Day and all the rights activists and politicos have been walking into the trap. He tweeted saying that he hoped all women in the world would give him happiness as Sunny Leone does. That has led to a series of statements condemning him.

The first tweet he tweeted was, ‘Happy Women’s Day to all women around the world because it is u women who make the world go around.’ Then he gave the tweet referring to Sunny Leone. After many activists threatened him with dire consequences, he tweeted, ‘Ok if you want to take law into your own hands I will be available at my office in Veeradesai road next to Empire dubbing studio.’ Then after further provocation he said,’ should kick u out for threatening to take law into hands in our sovereign democratic country.’ He had a running battle of tweets with one Dr Jitendra Awhad. ‘All illiterates who did not understand my earlier two tweets on Sunny Leone at least go through dictionary unless you are uneducated for that too.’

After Vidya Chavan, NCP MLC, threatened to shoe him and asked if he had no mother and sisters, RGV replied, ‘My mom, sister,daughter and my grandmother mainly respect me for my honesty in openly expressing my respect towards Sunny Leone’s honesty. ‘

The controversial tweet that provoked the women rights activists was, “I wish all the women in the world give me as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives.” He went on the defensive after a complaint was lodged against him by noted activist Vishakha Mhambre. BJP leaders said they would not allow Ram to shoot in Mumbai. They called it cheap publicity mongering. RVG’s sexist rant was described as spewing garbage on twitter. He was taken to task for insulting Sunny Leone.


Ram had been in limelight for wrong reasons most of the times. But this time he has a valid reason to court controversy. His picture with Big B, Sarkar, is due to release shortly and he needs publicity. Ram believes that any publicity is good publicity.

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Why There Is No Men’s Day: RGV Tweets

Mumbai: Sensational Director likes to be in news always with his controversial tweets, on the eve of International Women’s day, he came up with continuous tweets questioning why there is no Men’s day?

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