RGV Does It Again, Posts Controversial Comments on Vangaveeti Ranga

RGV is in news once again who posted controversial comments on late Vangaveeti Ranga in Face book and Instagram.

Mumbai: This is not for the first time RGV posted controversial comments on celebrities.  Cine lovers say it is a passion for him to be in news by posting message and creating anger in the public so that he will be in news always.

He once again came up on Vangaveeti family who used FB for his posts. Reasons for quitting Twittwer were unknown, but this time he used FB and Instagram for his tirade posts on Vangaveeti which will surely lit the fire in Vijayawada once again.

In an interview to a channel (TV9), Gautham Reddy supported the act by quoting an example. If a snake is killing all the persons in a society who are in front of it and if it hides out behind the picture of a god, will we leave the snake or kill it for the sake of the society?, Gautham questioned.

Gautham Reddy further said that Vangaveeti was involved in murder and caste politics and leaders who are involved in such type of politics will lead to post-mortem.

YCP Trade Union Leader Gautham Reddy’s comments sparked row in Kapu community with protests across the city. For the first time, Kapu leaders of different parties came on to a single bench and rebuked Reddy’s comments.

Radha and Ratnakumari were arrested by city police who were detained at Ibrahimpatnam police station for more than three hours. People were restrained from assembling groups in Vijayawada.

Taking this as an opportunity, RGV posted in FB as follows:

Vangaveeti Ranga will be so proud of his wife and son that he will break dance in heaven.

Can O’L real tell me why the hell the mother is is black and the son is white?

I so love the so lovely mother and the son.

Certainly these comments by RGV will create tense moments in Vijayawada in coming days.


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  1. Sajad says:

    instagram is very famous and espicially between girls. This is because of its security and privacy and here is the same issue of safety but there are still differences in many social sites/apps like instagram and pinterest

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