RGV Insults Power Star Pawan Once Again

Ace Director who has habitat of criticising celebrities to be in picture and once again came down on Pawan with his disgraceful remarks.

Hyderabad: Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Verma (RGV) continued his arrows with disgraceful remarks and this time he chooses Pawan to be in frame.

He said that Vijay Devarakonda ( Arjun Reddy fame) is the real power star. For this he took on social media and said Arjun is 10 times better and when compared in performance he is 20 times better than Pawan Kalyan, hence he should be called as Real Power star.

This is not the first time RGV took on Pawan Kalyan. During Katamarayudu release, RGV said that it is better to watch porn rather than Katamarayudu.

He did not leave Pawan fans too. He compared them with sheep, saying that bullocks are far better than sheep due to their thick skin.

RGV has also taken a dig at the national film awards recently. On conferring Dadasaheb Phalke Award to director K Viswanath, Verma said, a�?I have seen 95 films of Phalke but none has the standard ofA� Karan Johar or Raju Hirania��s filmsa�?. He added in his inimitable style that Phalke should be given an award in the name of Viswanath.

Phalke made 95 films and I dina��t see a single film equivalent of K Jo film ..I think ita��s just being ancient not recognising value of present.

a�?Forget public not 1 in film ppl would have evr seen a Phalke film..A really relevant award for today will be a Raju Hirani or a K Jo award.

a�?Vishwanath gaaru.. nenu Daada saheb cinemaloo choosanu a��mee cinemaloo choosanua�� ..naa vuddheshamlo Dada saheb ki mee peru meeda award ivvali.a�?

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