Revolver Rani Weds Lover At Last

Varsha had kidnapped Ashok at gunpoint as he was about to wed another girl. He later got jailed for trying to cheat the girl he was about to marry. Varsha marries him post his release.

Bundelkhand (Uttar Pradesh): Revolver Rani, who had created a sensation after kidnapping her lover, Ashok Yadav, as the latter was getting married to someone else on May 15, has wed him on Sunday.

Varsha Sahu became popular as Revolver Rani when she put a gun at the head of groom, Ashok Yadav, before his wedding could be solemnised at marriage hall and declared, “This man loves me, he is betraying me by trying to marry someone else and I will not let it happen.” She then took him away in an SUV as people remained looking stunned.

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Police said Ashok Yadav and Varsha had known each other for eight years. But when he tried to marry another, she pulled out this filmi act after reach the wedding venue in the SUV with two men.

When the bride’s relatives filed a cheating case against Ashok, he was arrested and released from jail on Friday last.

Varsha welcomed him grandly at the jail exit and declared that she will marry him. On Sunday, she wed him at the Mata Choura Temple in Hamirpur.

According to reports, supporters of Shiv Sena in the area had made all arrangements for the smooth conduct of their marriage.

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