Revanth threatens stir on Double Bed Room houses to poor

Hyderabad:A�Telangana TDP working president A Revanth Reddy has said the State Government has made it clear that only 51,954 persons are eligible for double bed room (DBR) houses under the scheme. The government has given an official statement in the Assembly while replying to a question raised on the eligibility under the scheme, he said.

Speaking to the media at the TDLP office, on Thursday, Revanth Reddy wondered how the figure of eligible persons has come down. As per the comprehensive survey conducted by the State Government, it was found that 22 lakh people have no housing facility. But now this figure has come down to 52,000, he wondered. The TDP leader, however, said so far 10.70 lakh people have applied under the double bed room scheme.

Revanth Reddy demanded that the government give a clarification on the issue before inaugurating Erravalli housing programme. According to the government figures, so far only 1000 houses have been constructed. If poor were not provided houses, the party was ready to fight for the cause of poor people, he warned. a��NSS

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