Revanth Reddy Flays KCR Over Land Scam

TTDP acting president Revanth Reddy made serious allegations against Chief Minister, deputy chief minister and CMD if Namaste Telangana in the Miyapur land scam.

Hyderabad: Telangana TDP acting president Revanth Reddy responded to the land scam episode in his own style. He made sensational allegations against Chief Minister KCR. He alleged that the deputy CM’s office intentionally withheld the report regarding crores of rupees exploitation in registration department.

He criticised that making the small officers scapegoats, the big fish are escaping the land scam worth thousand crores. By arresting few people in the Miyapur 700 acre land scam worth 17 thousand crores, KCR gave scope for the masterminds to escape, Revanth alleged.  Saying that Goldstone Prasad’s brother Parthasarathy’s wife is CM’s secretary, he questioned how the departmental review can be held before her. In such context, how will the review become credible, he asked. He also questioned how a departmental review can be held in the presence of KCR’s relative, and CMD of Namaste Telangana – Damodara Rao. Is he a partner in the government? He asked.

Revanth Reddy alleged that the CM office has become corrupt. He asked KCR whom he is going to let off and whom he is going to sacrifice. He also criticised that to cover up the Miyapur scandal the case was handed over to CBCID. He demanded the CM to take action against Deputy CM who has links with the land scam.

Revanth also alleged that Goldstone Prasad has good relations with Namaste Telangana MD. He also said that both of them are doing joint business worth thousands of crores. Alleging that there is a threat to the life of Prasad, he demanded CBI enquiry into it. He also asked Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya to write a letter about this to the Prime Minister immediately. He suggested that Centre must take suo motu cognizance and enquire.

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Telangana Congress Leaders To Meet Rajnath

Finally, the Telangana Congress leaders decided to meet Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and lodge a complaint about Miyapur land scam; they will be meeting the HM after attending Meira Kumar’s filing of nomination on Wednesday.
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Hyderabad: Telangana Congress leaders who have been mulling on complaining about Miyapur land scam in the city, finally left for Delhi to meet Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and lodge a complaint. It is being said that the Telangana Congress leaders drew inspiration from their Andhra Pradesh counterparts, who had last week complained about Visakhapatnam land scam to Rajnath and asked for a CBI probe into.

Now a delegation of leaders led by TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy left for Delhi on Tuesday.

All the crucial Telangana Congress leaders will attend the event of filing nomination by joint opposition candidate Meira Kumar for the presidential election.  More: Miyapur Landscam: CM KCR On Back Foot

“UPA presidential candidate Meira Kumar will file her nomination papers at 11 am on Wednesday. The former Lok Sabha speaker will be accompanied by AICC president Sonia Gandhi. TPCC seniors, Telangana Congress MPs and MLAs will attend this event,” Uttam said.

Later, the TPCC delegation led by Uttam and Leader of Opposition K Jana Reddy will call on Rajnath Singh to complain about the Miyapur land scam and State government’s alleged failures.  More: Finally Congress Swings Into Action On Miyapur Land Scam

Before meeting Rajnath, TS Congress leaders are trying to bring on to the board leaders belonging to other opposition parties- TDP, BJP and left to complain about the land scam.

After returning from Delhi, the TPCC leadership will hold a party coordination committee meeting at Suryapet on June 29 to strategise on how to take up agitational programmes against the State government’s failures.  More: Now, KK’s Family’s Name In Miyapur Land Scam Case

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Kodandaram Demands CBI Enquiry On Miyapur Land Scam

Speaking at a round table conference, TJAC chairman Kodandaram said that they would conduct a trial in People’s Tribunal (Praja tribunal) if government fails to order a CBI enquiry.

Hyderabad: The Telangana JAC chairman Kodandaram demanded a CBI enquiry on the land scams taking place under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad-Rangareddy districts.  Speaking at a roundtable conference on Miyapur land scam at Somajiguda Press Club on Saturday, he said the Miyapur lands were occupied using different strategies. He said facts will only come out when a CBI enquiry is done on the scam. If the government doesn’t come forward for a CBI enquiry, he said that they would be a trial by a people’s tribunal.

He expressed doubts that the government is on the side of land grabbers. He suggested that the government has to protect government lands to give a fillip to realty sector in Hyderabad. Taking a dig at the government, he said the government which hesitates to give lands to journalists, doesn’t mind giving away thousands of acres to the rich.

He demanded that the report given by the committee formed in 2014 to conduct a land survey in the State be made public. Legal experts, those who have an understanding of land acts and many leaders of civil organisations participated in the meet.  Many speakers criticised the government for supporting the grabbers.

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Finally Congress Swings Into Action On Miyapur Land Scam

The Congress party which is dreaming of coming to power in 2019, suddenly went into silence after Miyapur land scam came to light. However, after criticism about their silence Congress leaders on Thursday met Governor, sought his intervention for CBI enquiry and also visited Miyapur lands.

Hyderabad: Congress Party which would be the first to criticize TRS government on any issue that comes to light is appearing to be silent till Wednesday. The Congress party was on the back foot regarding Miyapur land scam, though it is describing it as the biggest scam in the country. However, all the senior leaders were  not entertaining the media and were not criticising the government.

Those observing the events unfold, are saying that the T Congress leaders are behaving weirdly without coming to public and take advantage of the situation. From the TPCC chief who would call for a press conference on any issue, that he felt would get them some brownie points, is rarely seen crticising those involved in the scam and the government too. Infact, they are avoiding public glare in order to stay quiet.

In order to dispel the doubts and stem the criticism,  Congress leaders under the leadership of Telangana Congress chief Uttam Kumar Reddy visited Miyapur lands and also met Governor on Thursday. They also alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao’s family members were direct beneficiaries apart from some TRS party leaders. They sought Governor’s intervention to go for CBI enquiry into what is being described as the biggest scam in the country.

To activate the Congress cadre which was disappointed that their leaders failed in taking advantage of Miyapur landscam, the Congress visited the lands.

While BJP and TDP are ahead in criticizing and attacking the government on the land scam, Congress was seen nowhere.  The TDP tried to blow it out of proportions. The TDP leaders met the Government chief secretary, went for a field visit and later complained to the Governor. They are even preparing to complain to the Central government.

Meanwhile, BJP on Wednesday said that they are sending all the details regarding the scam to the Centre and demanding investigation.

But the Congress, which is claiming that it would form government in 2019, was slow on the land scam. Only after the Telugu Desam leaders sought appointment of Governor, they have pressed  Ranga Reddy leaders into service and on Thursday met the Governor too.

Meanwhile, speculations and rumours are doing rounds regarding the silence of Congress leaders. While, the land scam started during Congress rule, many leaders fear that their links might come to light in the scam. Even TRS MP KK stated that he bought the land when he was in the Congress party.

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KK’s Land Registration To Get Cancelled?

The controversial land registration of TRS general secretary K Keshav Rao might get cancelled as the lands bought are declared under 22A.

Rangareddy: The district administration decided to cancel the registration of lands brought at Dandumailaram in Ibrahimpatnam by Rajya Sabha member K Kesava Rao. As it came to light that family members of KK bought 36 acres of land declared under 22 A from Goldstone Prasad, the administration came to this conclusion.

The revenue officials, who sent a report to the government, incorporated the scrapping of registrations issue too. Once they get a nod from the government, the officials are ready to take the further action.

Meanwhile, KK earlier said that it was true that his family members bought the lands. He claimed that they had all the necessary documents and they bought the lands legally. However, he asserted that they did not buy the disputed lands. He said that CCLA had already clarified that the lands he bought were not government lands. He also claimed that there was a Court order regarding this. KK also said that the Collector issued orders to register the lands he bought and if these orders were wrong, the court will decide.

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Why Is Pawan Kalyan Silent On Land Scams?

Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan, who has plans to announce candidates in two Telugu States in advance, is silent on major land scams? His silence is eloquent leading to severe criticism.

Hyderabad: Why is Pawan kalyan silent on land scams happening in both AP and Telangana? This is the nagging doubt trolling in the minds of party cadre.

Political leaders of ruling parties are involved in land scams in Vizag and Miyapur which shook the Telugu sates.

In AP, after Vizag land scam, it is the turn of TDP MLC Deepak Reddy who was arrested by Telangana police for scam of land which is worth more than ₹ 200 crores.

Coming to Telangana, the land grab in the heart of Hyderabad City, at Miyapur, involving more than ₹ 10,000 crore shocked the whole country.

There was no question asked or voice raised by Pawan kalyan until now. During the 2014 election campaign, Pawan raised voice against late YSR and said that illegal land dealings during his period will be grilled.

But his silence against the land grab which has become a hot topic of discussion in public domain proves that he is hesitant to take on ruling party leaders. It is leading to severe criticism by his own party cadre.

Pawan is close to ruling party in AP and even in Telangana he has close association with TRS leaders. KTR watching Katamarayudu flick with Pawan is an example to the intimacy the latter enjoys with TRS leadership. This is the main reason for Pawan being silent, felt political observers.

But his followers say, silence of a good man is more effective than open criticism. We have to see how Pawan will react to this in coming days.

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Miyapur Land Scam: Namasthe Telangana Publisher Involved?

Big names are coming out in one of the major land scams which happened in Miyapur, Hyderanad. Latest is the name of Namasthe Telangana CMD whose hand is not ruled out.

Hyderabad: This is a major setback for CM KCR in his three years’ rule, Miyapur land scam is defaming him day by day with names coming out linking with close associates of his Ministers and his family.

It is surely the mother of all scams in Telangana and everyone is expecting that it is not possible by a single person like Sub Registrar Srinivas Rao. Now the latest name to surface in the scam is that of the CMD of Namasthe Telangana, Damodar Rao, who is a close aide of KCR.

Trinity Infra ventures purchased a Mercedes Benz 5350 D L BSIV last year and phone number given for registration tally with Damodar Rao’s name. Costly car with a whooping price of more than one crore was used as CM’ convoy but later stopped after this scam busted.

Parthasarathy and Sharma are in police custody who are major stakeholders of Trinity and their relationship with Damodar has to be identified.

Damodar Rao is an influential person who has registered four companies with him as director. He has a few companies under his belt even before bifurcation.

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Now, KK’s Family’s Name In Miyapur Land Scam Case

The big names coming out in the Miyapur land scam are not only creating headache to the Chief Minister but also tarnishing the image of his government.

Hyderabad: Names of an MP’s daughter and daughter-in-law came out in the Miyapur land scam case. Incidentally, all the names of big wigs doing rounds in the case happen to be close to Chief Minister KCR, who trusted them and assigned responsible positions. The Miyapur land scam which has become a blot on TRS government seems to tarnish the image of KCR too. It is being said that KCR is fuming over the names that are coming out in the case. While KCR’s close friend Damodar Rao and Deputy CM Mahmood Ali’s names are doing rounds already, the name of TRS general secretary and MP KK’s family member’s names came out yesterday. This is creating more headaches to both KCR and his government.

The lands bought by KK’s family were part of lands Gold Stone company occupied with a fake GPA in Ibrahimpatnam’s  Dandu Mailaram. Hence this has become controversial. While KK’s daughter Gadwala Vijayalakshmi bought 50 acres of land in Dandumailaram, 38 acres of the land is part of lands Gold Stone occupied.  Though a case is pending before the court alleging that these lands are disputed lands since 2015, Gadwala Vijayalakshmi and Jyothsna bought 50 acres of land in the name of Navajyothi and got them registered.

The government already clarified that these lands were government lands and the registrations were illegal. Also, the government announced that it is suspending Incharge sub-registrar Khadir who registered these lands illegally.

Refuting the allegations, KK said that it was true that his family members bought the lands. He claimed that they had all the necessary documents and they bought the lands legally. However, he asserted that they did not buy the disputed lands. He said that CCLA had already clarified that the lands he bought were not government lands. He also claimed that there was a Court order regarding this. KK also said that the Collector issued orders to register the lands he bought and if these orders were wrong, the court will decide.

Meanwhile, KK’s impatience on the questions posed by the media is giving rise to suspicions. When a reporter asked him, “Don’t you know what kind of a person Gold Stone Prasad is?”, KK lost his composure. He angrily said, “Do you think I’m a beggar to buy without knowing the background?”  When the reporter tried to continue his question, he said, “Try to understand what I’m saying, I’m a better journalist than you are.”

Later, he angrily said, “Is registrar Superior or Supreme Court? I’m a Rajya Sabha member who makes legislations, don’t I know?” He clarified that there is no dispute in this and they got the lands registered on the recommendations of Supreme Court and if any dispute comes over this, he warned that he would file contempt of court petition.

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Revanth Demands CBI Enquiry Into Miyapur Land Scam

While the TTDP demanded CBI inquiry into the Miyapur land scam, the Telangana BJP asked Chief Minister KCR to drop deputy chief minister whose name has cropped up in the course of investigation.

Hyderabad: After visiting the lands involved in Miyapur land scam and speaking to the locals regarding the lands on Monday, Telangana TDP working president Revanth Reddy on Tuesday demanded the Central government to order a probe into the matter. On Monday,  Revanth Reddy along with TTDP president L Ramana toured the controversial lands and alleged that TRS party bigwigs were involved in the scam. He expressed concern that not even fencing was arranged for the government lands. He criticised that TRS rule is mired with scams.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Krishna Sagar Rao too spoke on the same issue. He demanded TRS government remove Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali from the post. He also criticised DGP Anurag Sharma and Hyderabad Police Commissioner M Mahendar Reddy for delaying the arrest of Goldstone Prasad.

Meanwhile, two persons accused in the scam filed quash petitions in the High Court, but the case has been adjourned to next week.

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Miyapur Land Scam: BJP Flays KCR

BJP questioned KCR’s silence on land scam when there is evidence against Deputy CM who transferred 50 crore worth of lands through a benami transaction.

Hyderabad: Telangana CM KCR was silent on the land scam of Miyapur which was unearthed 10 days ago. Opposition party BJP flayed KCR for his silence and asked him to explain the Government’s stand on the scam which is the largest in The country. The BJP came down on KCR for his outburst against Amit Shah who said that funds of Central Government were not used properly by TRS Government.

BJP’s spokesperson Krishna sagar Rao said that it is unnatural silence on the part of CM on such serious allegations are levelled against the Government. While speaking to media, Krishna Sagar further said that government should further explain and clarify the situation. It was a surprise to see the delay in replacing deputy CM whose name was involved in the scam and he should order CBI enquiry as early as possible, Sagar said.

CM should also explain the nature of his relationship with fugitive from USA and full blow scamster like Gold Stone Prasad, Sagar said.

The Miyapur land scam is a big black mark on Telangana Government after it formed the government 3 years ago. The scam took place in heart of the city of Hyderabad. TJAC chairman M Kodandaram appealed to KCR’s Government to order CBI enquiry on the scam. But KCR’s silence led the officers of GHMC to imagine that TRS leaders are involved in the scam.

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