Return Lepakshi lands to farmers, CPM tells AP CM


Amaravati: The Communist Party of India-Marxist AP unit has asked the government to return the lands that were taken from the farmers at Chilamatturu mandal of Ananthapur district for the Lepakshi Knoweldge Hub (LKH).

CPI-M State secretary P Madhu, in an open letter requested Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to return the lands to the owners as the farmers have been struggling for survival without lands. He further said that not a single industry was established in these lands since they were acquired from the farmers in 2008. He recalled that the government had taken 8,844 acres of land from the farmers to establish the knowledge hub. He alleged that some of the farmers were not told about the intentions of the government in taking the land while a few were briefed about the plans to establish Lepakshi Knowledge Hub. He regretted that several of the farmers have not received the compensation from the government even after nine years.

The CPI-M leader said that the government had promised one job for each family when the lands were taken for the knowledge hub. The lands were pledged in the bank for a loan of Rs 790 crore without investing anything on the lands. The LKH had promised to invest around Rs 10,000 crore for industrial parks and provide around 1.50 lakh jobs to the people over a period 10 years. As the LKH failed to fulfil the conditions and the lands were attached by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in a CBI case, the CPI-M leader requested the Chief Minister to get the lands cleared by the ED and return them to the owners.

Madhu said that the TDP had promised to return these lands during the 2014 elections. He further said that the TDP had included this issue in its 2014 election manifesto and demanded that the party now turn the promise into a reality by giving the lands to the owners.


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