Results oriented budgeting for the year 2017-18

  • Budget session likely to start fromA�March 6, budget likely on 13 A�

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: a�?The State budget for the year 2017-18 will be a result oriented one and at the same time will ensure that benefits and services reach the deserving people,a�? said Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in a meeting held with Heads of the Departments and Secretaries at the Velagapudi SecretariatA�on Tuesday. The meeting was held as part of the pre-budget consultations and inputs were taken for a result-oriented budget.

The Chief Minister said that through funds convergence in the previous budgets the state was able to overcome various problems. a�?It has also helped us to initiate various developmental activities in the villages,a�� he added. The Chief Minister gave an indication that the government will again give top priority for convergence of funds in this budget too. A�A�A�A�

a�?For Navya Andhra Pradesh to become a leading state in the country we all have to work hard for the next 4 years,a�? the Chief Minister indicated to the HoDa��s. He also mentioned that all the officials should aim at increasing the satisfaction levels among the people in service delivery and that the working of the departments should bring positivity.

The Chief Minister said that 153 government programmes can be carried out with the help of fund from NREGA. He mentioned that the government targets to spend Rs 7500 crores of NREGA funds in the coming budget. He added that a workshop will be conducted soon and awareness will be brought on the use of funds.

The Chief Minister said that the budget session is expected to commence from the 6thA�of March and that the budget may be presented on the 13th. A pre-budget meeting will be held on the 23rdand 24thA�the Chief Minister added. Expressing his happiness for successfully presenting the previous two budgets over the last two years, the Chief Minister said that there is a steady increase in the income of the State. The Chief Minister said that through innovative thinking the government was able to overcome the bifurcation crisis.

The Chief Minister mentioned that the information obtained through the Praja Sadhikara survey will be very helpful for citizen service delivery and asked the officials to make optimum use of the data. The Chief Minister stated that the financial year 2017-18 is declared as the year of e-Pragati and that the government is developing citizen centric software applications for all the departments. This will ensure total transparency he added.

The government is mulling efforts for the establishment of 6 more organizations like the irrigation Development Corporation, Road Development Corporation, Swach Andhra Pradesh Corporation and others for funds mobilization. The meeting was attended by all Ministers, principal secretaries, secretaries and heads of departments.

Funds obtained for EAP should be spent by March end – CM

The funds obtained during the financial year from the center for the Externally Aided Projects should be utilized and spent the Chief Minister said in a meeting held at the Velagapudi Secretariat.A�A�A�

A total of 785.98 crores should be spent by March end the Chief Minister said. Rs 133.99 crores has to be spentA� for AP Water Sector Improvement Project , for the A.P Road sector project Rs 215.97 crores has to be spent and likewise Rs 144.22 crores has to be spent for the AP Municipal Development Project.

Besides this, Rs 12.37 crores for AP Rural water supply & sanitation project, Rs 201.24 crores for AP Disaster recovery project, Rs 82.30 for AP Rural inclusive growth project, Rs 29.10 crores for AP Rural high voltage distribution system has to be spent. Rs 6.65 crores allocated to the water resource department for the AP community based tank management project and Rs 34.14 crores for the AP irrigation & livelihood improvement project should also be spent by March end.

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