Republicans wrest control over Senate, House

  • Need to compromise on several critical issues
  • Health Bill crucial for both
  • Obama still has a right to veto

(Venkata Kondubhatla)

Washington, November 10: Republicans take control of the Senate after the midterm elections. The victory was not surprising as the media was predicting from the beginning. With this victory, the Republicans, now, control both the Senate and the House, making the President small.

Republicans had to win six more seats keeping the other seats they had to control the Senate. With that, the Senate elections became crucial in the states like Iowa, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Louisiana. As of today, the Senate seats are filled with 52 Republicans, 44 Democrats and one Independent, with Louisiana going for run-off in December. Apart from Congress, GOP also performed well in the governorsa�� races, winning the most-watched states like Florida and Wisconsin.

Elephant  dominating Donkey

All of this means that the President has to have a bipartisan vote to achieve anything a�� compromising and collaborating with the Republicans is a must for any accomplishment. Meanwhile, the republicans will have the power to pass some of the pending bills, which they have been trying to push and also introduce new ones. At the same time, they will have to choose and act carefully.

Immigration bill delay is one of the issues the Republicans have been fighting and criticizing Obama for a long time. Republicans may try to push their version of immigration reform and since the Senate is under their control, they may succeed in sending the bill for Obamaa��s signature. However, some of the Democrat senators will have to accept the bill for that to happen. Similarly, Keystone Pipeline project between Canada and the US is another bill that the Republicans may try to push.

In any case, if republicans tried to repeal the Health Care reform again, it would end up with Presidenta��s veto. Instead, trying to improve the act and achieving consensus with Democrats would benefit Republicans in the 2016 presidential elections. Now that the Republicans are in control of the Senate, they will the ones to be either credited or blamed based on the Congressa�� performance in the next two years.

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