Remove Worms And Eat Food: Telangana Gurukul Hostel Cook’s Arrogant Reply

Gurukul in Nellikuduru Village, Mahaboobabad district of Telangana, witnessed horrible scenes during dinner for the students on Saturday.

Hyderabad: Telangana Government which is getting good publicity should also look at ground realty. Gurukul Schools, run by Government, have served girl students half cooked rice with worms which caused food poisoning.

200 students who had tomato curry with potato complained about vomiting and nausea after they had dinner on Saturday night around midnight. Nearly 29 students were rushed to Mahaboobabad hospital in an ambulance after vomiting led to serious condition.

Now the condition of the students is stable.

Sriram, District medical and health officer, was shocked to see the unhygienic conditions in the hsotle during his visit on Sunday.

He said due to poor quality of rice and bore water used for cooking led to severe nausea. Only 3 toilets were there for 200 students which were not cleaned, Sriram further added.

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