Refusal to indict the police enrage people

  • Coloured have to be protected
  • New York Mayor orders fresh probe

(Venkata Kondubhatla)

Washington, December 7: Even before the Ferguson protests calmed down, another decision not to indict the police officer by grand jury in an incident that killed a colored person has resulted in protests in New York and other cities.

The killing took place in Staten Island when police tried to arrest Eric Garner and in the process he choked to death. Garner was allegedly found selling single cigarettes, which is considered illegal.

In the wake of this second decision in a row, President Obama has said that he would take steps necessary to reform the policing in the country. Training the police in the communities of color is the primary measure in his speech to the press. He is expected to impose racial profiling curbs soon.

a�?I am shocked by this decision,a�? said New Yorka��s Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is married to a colored woman. He said that he had shared his concern about safety at nights with his son when he goes out.

The video of the incident taken by a passer has gone viral and added to the outpour of protests, but apparently was not enough to sway the decision taken by the jury.

One of the reforms proposed by Obama is to provide some 50,000 body cameras to the police officers across the country. It seems to be less effective in the wake of Garnera��s video not proving to be a viable source of evidence to the jury. The mayor of New York has ordered further investigation into the case.

As per a survey, the videos available from previous confrontations show that the scuffles between police and colored people are more common than among the whites. Evidently, police were much nicer to the whites than to the blacks. There are more percent of blacks than whites in jails and there may be many reasons contributing to those arrests including education and poverty, but that number itself can attribute to the distrust in justice system among colored communities. Police are also aware of that and some acknowledge that.

Training to the police in the colored communities is also focused on maintaining and enhancing the relations and trust between the police and the community members. Police has to be approached for protection and safety and not be avoided and ward off as a threat. As long as trust does not establish among the colored and minority people, they simply stave off from calling the police for help.

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