Rebels Attack Kodandram, Call Him A Dictator

Hyderabad: Alleging that TJAC Chairman Prof M Kodandaram insulted her, TJAC former leader Thanveer Sultana, with tears in eyes, announced that she was tendering her resignation to the TJACa��s co-convenor post.

Speaking to the media here today, along with other JAC rebel leaders Pittala Ravinder and Nallapu Prahlad, Sultana said Prof. Kodandaram remains in the post because of all JAC activists. Wondering who will stay in the JAC when leaders like her were pulled up by Kodandaram, Sultana said no leader, who makes women cry, will last longa�?, she said.

Lashing out at Prof. Kodandaram, Prahlad alleged that the former was functioning unilaterally. a�?We are dubbed as government agents when we questioned Prof. Kodandarama�?, he said, adding that he was in Telangana movement since 1996. He alleged that Prof. Kodandaram was leaking the decisions to the media even before discussing them in the JAC. He asked Kodandaram how he could share dais with those who stoutly opposed formation of Telangana State. He asked how far it was justifiable to Kodandaram, who says he was against politics, to engineer agitations along with political parties.

Thanveer Sultana said there was no priority to women in the JAC. Some leaders in the JAC do not respect women at all. She said she was constrained to tender resignation to her JAC post in protest against the dictatorial attitude of Kodandaram.

Pittala Ravinder said when he suggested some amendments to the JAC objectives in 2014, conspiracies to remove him from the JAC began. He also alleged that Prof. Kodandaram insulted the spirit of Telangana movement. He warned Kodandaram that he would remain in the history as a destroyer of Telangana society if he failed to mend his dictatorial attitude. Pittala asked Prof. Kodandaram whether he met AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi or not. He also alleged that Kodandaram was moving with his personal agenda as that of JAC agenda. Prof. Kodandaram was inciting students to participate in the unemployment rally. (NSS)

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