What Are The Reasons Behind Digvijay’s Rants?

Digvijaya Singh is a maverick. He knows how to be in news. But what caused him to write the controversial tweets?

Hyderabad: The senior leader of Congress and former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh is a maverick. He knows how to be in news. Since he was sacked from as its general secretary in charge of Goa and Karnataka, he seems to have gone into a hyperactive mode to overcome the humiliation. His mismanagement in Goa after the results was announced cost him his post. Though Congress won majority of the seats in Goa, it failed to form the government there in the recently held Assembly election.

The Congress Party, which has been losing election after election, finally decided to change the non-performers and encourage young blood.

Rahul Gandhi has been pitching for this for a long time and finally, it happened.A� Digvijay, who expressed his happiness over the development, tweeted,a�? I am happy finally that a new team is being picked up by Rahul Ji. I enjoyed working with Congress leaders and workers in Goa and Karnataka. Convey my gratitude for all their support. I am loyal to the party and Nehru-Gandhi family. I also owe my position to the party and to thema�?.

Before this episode was even forgotten, Digvijaya Singh, who was also in charge of Telangana landed in the State and created a controversy through his tweets.A� a�?Telangana police has set up a bogus ISIS site which is radicalising Muslim youth and encouraging them to become ISIS modules,a�? he alleged.A� IT Minister KTR reacted angrily to his tweet saying that it was most irresponsible and reprehensible from a former chief minister and requested Digvijaya to withdraw his comments unconditionally.

As Digvijay would not relent, a case was finally registered against him under 505 of the IPC (statement conducing to public mischief) for his controversial tweets.

Digvijay never shies away from controversy. Sources close to him say that Digvijaya somehow manages to be in the news. He is quoted to have said that an active politician needs to be in the news so that people will not ignore or forget him.

Digvijaya has a pro-Muslim image. But will such tweets help him get their support? Sensationalism alone wona��t serve. There has to be action and Congress in Telangana is lagging behind because of lack of a strong leader.

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