What Is The Reason Behind BJP Soft Peddling Of TRS?

BJP, which went on criticising TRS government after its National President Amit Shah visited Telangana, became silent for a few days. Is there any game plan behind the ceasefire?

Hyderabad: There was heated exchange of words between TRS and BJP after BJP national president Amit Shah visited Telangana a few days ago. Suddenly BJP kept silent even though they got a weapon against KCR that is Miyapur Land scam.

As per political observers, it is the game plan by BJP for Presidential elections which are going to be held in last week of June.
Amit Shah had a plan to gather maximum support of regional parties for its candidate at Rasthtrapathi Bhavan.

State BJP leaders are in a hope that TRS will back NDA’s candidate and they don’t want to spoil the relations between TRS and BJP for the time being.

But once the Presidential elections get completed, State BJP leaders will plan a Delhi trip to take instruction from the party high command on the way forward in Telangana. Miyapur Land scam is sure to come up for discussion.

Amit Shah will visit Telangana once again in the month of September and will stay for six days. His yatra will witness public meeting in Hyderabad by PM Modi.

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