Rayala Seema Gives Shock To Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s plan to contest from Anantapur district in Rayala Seema was opposed by the leaders of Rayala Seema Rastra Samiti. Pawan is yet to react.

Anantapur: Up to now Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan kept on saying that he will contest from Ananthpur district, Rayalaseema, and we have not seen any resistance from political parties or from Jana Sena cadre.

But for the first time, Pawan faced a jolt from Venkata Subba Reddy Kuncham, President of Rayalaseema Rastra Samithi.

Reddy questioned, how could Pawan contest from Rayalaseema? He further claimed that all political leaders are using Seema for their political benefits. He reminded how Chiranjeevi used PRP for his political gains and later merged with Congress. He said Pawan is also following the footsteps of his brother.

Subba Reddy further said that Rayalaseema gave chance to many CMs but the region is still undeveloped, Even CM Naidu is looting Rayalaseema and investing in Amaravathi, he said.

He further said that a massive protest will be launched soon against the injustice done to Seema.

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