Ravi Teja Is A Teetotaller And Doesna��t Do Drugs, Says Mom

Rajyalakshmi stoutly defends both her sons, Teja and Bharat, and advises media not to judge her deceased son based on his past.

Hyderabad: A�a�?I am pained at Ravi Tejaa��s name being dragged into the drugs case,a�? expressed Rajyalakshmi, mother of the leading Telugu actor.

Speaking to the media on Monday,A�she was responding to questions on her other son Bharata��s death and allegations that Ravi Teja was among those who had been served notices to appear before the police.

Rajyalakshmi asserted that her son was a teetotaller and never did drugs. a�?He would even dissuade someone who was doing drugs,a�? she maintained.

Responding to criticism that Ravi Teja had attended a shooting the day after his brothera��s demise in a road accident, she maintained that this was to prevent losses to producers and inconvenience to scores of other film personnel, who were involved in the daya��s shooting that had already been scheduled. A� More:A�Hyderabad Drugs Bust: Are Children Of Political Leaders Too Involved?

Speaking about Bharat, Rajyalakshmi described as a�?untruea�? reports that her deceased son was drunk at the time of his accident on outskirts of the State Capital on the night of June 24. Clarifying that she did not attend the last rites of Bharat as per the customs of their family, she maintained that Bharat had given up all his bad habits before his death and was even selected for the Bigg Boss show.

The mother expressed grief that the accident took place at a time when he was truly changing. Even Ravi Teja had made efforts to change the habits of his brother. a�?Bharat cannot be judged by his past, she added. A� A�More:A�Tollywood Drug Mafia: List Of Celebrities Who Received Notices

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