Ravi Teja Takes Part In Shooting, Soon After Brother’s Funeral

The social media was agog with the news that Ravi Teja took part in film shooting on the next day of his brother Bharat’s funeral.

Hyderabad: Ravi Teja, Tollywood hero and brother of Bharat who died on Saturday night on Outer Ring Road in a car accident, is believed to have participated in film shooting in the next day of the funeral which he did not attend. The fact that Ravi Teja did not see his brother’s dead body has been going viral in social media. People in social media say Ravi Teja should not have skipped the funeral and he should have excused his brother of his bad habits at least after his death. In this background the news about the hero taking part in shooting came as a shock to the people in film world. A� More:A�Why Ravi Teja Missed Bharatha��s Funeral?

It is known that Bharat’s body was taken from Osmania hospital straight to Mahaprastanam at Jubilee Hills where the rites were performed. Even before 24 hours passed after Bharat’s funeral, Ravi Teja participated in the shoot of ‘Raja the Great’. The producers thought of postponing the shoot which was taking place in Hyderabad. But Ravi Teja expressed his readiness to attend, the shooting was organised. May be Ravi Teja thought the best way to manage the sorrow and grief was getting in with the work rather than sitting alone at home and brood! A�More:A�Ravi Teja a�?s Brother Bharat Rajua��s Death: Police Yet To Confirm He Was Drunk

Bharat Took Liquor At Hotel

The cc footage at Novotel hotel established that Bharat had entered the hotel at 2.30 pm on June 24 and left the hotel at 9.30pm. He reportedly consumed alcohol at a friend’s birthday party. The cameras showed that Bharat started consuming liquor at 4 pm.

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