Why Ravi Teja Missed Bharatha��s Funeral?

Actor Ravi Tejaa��s brother, Bharat, died in car accident on Saturday night and the absence of Ravi Teja at the funeral left his fans guessing, but here is an explanation from actor Ravi Teja for his absence….

Hyderabad: We all know that Tollywood actor Ravi Tejaa��s brother, Bharath Raju, was killed in a car crash. At Kothwalguda near Shamshabad, Bharath’s car crashed into the back of a stationary lorry which was parked on the side of the road. Bharatha��s car hit the lorry even though there was a space for car to pass beside lorry.

Bharat’s body was cremated at Mahaprastanam in Jubilee Hills on Sunday. But the absence of his brother, actor Ravi Teja caused the eyebrows ti raise. After media focused on his absence many times, Ravi Teja came forward and broke his silence.

He said that main reason for his absence is that he could not stand the sight of the pieces of his brothera��s body which was smashed into pieces after the car crash. “It was 30 years’ relationship between us and I cana��t see his body in this stage and there was no other reason for me and my family members to be absent at the funeral”, Ravi Teja said.

He requested media to support during this crisis and stop scrolling about the relationship of him and his brother in negative way.

Raghu, younger brother of Ravi Teja, attended the funeral, and completed the formalities.

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  1. June 26, 2017

    […] Ravi Teja, Tollywood hero and brother of Bharat who died on Saturday night on Outer Ring Road in a car accident, is believed to have participated in film shooting in the next day of the funeral which he did not attend. The fact that Ravi Teja did not see his brother’s dead body has been going viral in social media. People in social media say Ravi Teja should not have skipped the funeral and he should have excused his brother of his bad habits at least after his death. In this background the news about the hero taking part in shooting came as a shock to the people in film world.   More: Why Ravi Teja Missed Bharath’s Funeral? […]

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