Then Who Raped and Killed Ayesha Mira?

Then Who Raped and Killed Ayesha Mira

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: With the Hyderabad High Court on Friday quashing the charges of rape and murder against Pidatala Satyam Babu in connection with atrocities on B Pharmacy student, Ayesha Mira, the question now being asked is who killed her. The girl student, who had returned to her hostel at Ibrahimpatnam on the outskirts of Vijayawada was found dead in the hostel room on December 26, 2007.

The police have first arrested an accused called Gurvinder Singh Anand alias Laddu and produced him before the media. A few months later, the police released him and arrested another youth, Upender Singh, a friend of Laddu. He too was dropped from the case and finally the police zeroed in on a Dalit youth Satyam Babu. The local court had finally sentenced him for life in the crime.

The Dalit and Human Rights organizations have been denying the role of Satyam Babu right from the day one of his arrest in the case. The family members too denied Satyam Babua��s involvement in the rape and murder of the girl. Interestingly, the parents of Ayesha Mira, too have refused to accept the police claims of Satyam Babu in the murder of their daughter. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which was in Opposition then too backed the claims of Satyam Babua��s parents and Ayesha Miraa��s parents accusing Koneru Satish Babu, the grandson of the then Deputy Chief Minister Koneru Ranga Rao in the case. The TDP leaders, including Chandrababu Naidu declared that their government would reopen the case and bring the real culprits to the book.

The police have conducted lie detector tests on Satish and gave him a clean chit brushing aside the allegations of the victima��s parents and the TDP leaders. Even the Congress government and Koneru Ranga Raoa��s family denied the involvement of Satish Babu. At one point of time Koneru Ranga Rao threw an open challenge to the TDP leaders that he would quit politics if they proved his grandson guilty of the case.

Now, the Hyderabad High Court had acquitted Satyam Babu from the case and directed the police to pay him a compensation of Rs 1 lakh for his imprisonment. The question now is if Satyam Babu is not the real culprit, who is the culprit who had committed the heinous crime. The responsibility is now on the police to find out the culprit. The responsibility is also now on the TDP leadership who had promised to bring the real culprits to the book.

The culprit should be punished and justice should be done to the victima��s family. The police who have failed to do proper investigation and arrest the culprit should also be punished. There is no second option in that order.

Once all this is done, the big question before the society is now who will give Satyam Babu his precious 8 years youthful life that he had lost while serving the imprisonment period for a crime that he had not done. Satyam Babu, a 20-year old young Dalit boy who was caught when he was in pink of his health by the police was finally produced before the court in a wheel chair. He could not stand, leave alone walking and that was allegedly the police ‘treatment’ that made him so. Who will give him back his life, the youthful eight years? Will that a�? 1 lakh compensation bring his precious youthful years back to him?

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