Mumbai: Ranbir Kapur and Katrina Kaif had parted ways almost ten months ago. But nobody knows what transpired between them and none of them would give even a hint. There is some rumour or other every day even though they have not been on talking terms.

In Vogue BFFs chat Ranbir’s sister Kareena was asked: what would she do if she is caught in a stranded lift with Ranbir and Katrina. Pat came the reply,’I would kill myself’. Kareena and Katrina were best friends as long as Katrina and Ranbir were engaged. When Ranbir and Katrina attended Karan Johar’s TV show, ‘Coffee with Karan’, Kareena used to pull her brother’s leg by saying that her sister-in-law Katrina had arrived. Now Kareena says her beloved brother and her best friend are not seeing each other.

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