Ranaa��s dedication gets a�?no mentiona�� at Bahubali event

Hyderabad: A massive function was held at Ramoji Film City to mark the pre-release event of the magnum opus of SS Rajamouli, a�?Bahubali-2a��. Almost the entire cast and crew of the film, besides several other top film personalities like Krishnamraju, K Raghavendra Rao, Karan Johar and other attended the function. There was appreciation from every quarter that the programme was held without any controversies. However, some rumour mongers started spreading rumours that Daggubati Rana was insulted by the entire crew including director SS Rajamouli. While Krishnamraju, Rajamouli, story writer Vijayendra Prasad, the producers of the movie and others praised the hero of the film Prabhas, nobody talked about Rana.

In fact, Rana has an equal weight in the film with Prabhas and Rana too made rigorous workouts and developed a huge six pack abs body for the film. He too had devoted almost four years of his precious career for Bahubali-2. However, no one had recognised his labour and dedication. Is that true? Did Rana too has a similar feeling or they are just gossips? Time has to tell.

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