Ramadan month commences with special prayers

HYDERABAD: The holy month of Ramadan commenced on Friday with devout Muslims began their month-long fasting period with a�?sahra�? or pre-dawn meals after sirens blared from mosques as a wake up call and announcing at the beginning of the fast at 4.10 am.

As a matter of fact, the devout Muslims heralded the holy month by offering a�?namaz-e-taraweeha�? or special prayers at mosques on Thursday night. During the fasting period from dawn to dusk everyday during the holy month, the devout abstain from consuming food or water and observe celibacy. The fast would be broken with a�?Iftar,a�? and this year the time fixed is at 6.58 pm.

The Ramadan month is being observed in both the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with pious and gaiety with mosques being decorated and lit with a myriad of colorful lightings and other decorations.

The Telangana Government has sanctioned an amount Five crore rupees for renovations and providing required facilities at all mosques. Likewise, the AP Government, too, sanctioned an amount of 2.5 crore rupees for the same measures to be taken in the mosques in its state.

Like in the past, the governments in both the states this year made special arrangements to ensure uninterrupted power, water and milk supplies, besides other civic amenities. Muslims working in government offices were also permitted to leave one hour earlier than usual time to attend the evening prayers and take part in a�?Iftara�? to break the day-long fasting.

During the holy month, the Old City of Hyderabad would be bustling with activity – hotels and other eateries selling the world-renowned and lip-smacking a�?haleema�? and other delicacies specially made and available only during this period. Even many shopkeepers keep their stores open doing brisk business as this is also the period of shopping bonanza for all the Muslim families.

The chief ministers of AP and Telangana States, Chnadrababu Naidu and Chandrasekhar Rao, respectively, greeted Muslims on the commencement of the holy period of Ramadan observing that fasting during the month and reciting of Quran at the special prayer meetings would notA�only help purify the soul but also provide immense health benefits. They pointed and wished prosperity and development of the community. (NSS)

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