Ram Gopal Varma Writes an Open Letter to Film Chamber

Responding to the open apology letter written by Telugu film industry in the infamous drugs case, popular director Ram Gopal Varma urged the members to release an apology letter to all those who were summoned by SIT, as their crime was not proved yet.

Hyderabad: Popular film director Ram Gopal Varma responded to the open letter addressed to state government recently written by prominent members of film chamber in the infamous drugs case.

Verma raised an objection at the way the industry bigwigs apologized the government.

He released a lengthy statement titled “my open letter to film chamber.”  In his letter, he observed that it’s not the drugs case that brings shame to the film industry, but the open letter, which apologized unnecessarily to the government and the way it tried to convince them.

The film chamber should realize that all those who were summoned and interrogated, did not say openly that they made a mistake nor the officials declared that their crime was proved. When these two things did not happen till now, why did they apologize?  The apology letter also expresses concern that it was ashamed because of the mistakes committed by a few.

“What is this? Who told you, who committed mistakes?” He questioned.

Instead of expressing anger against the officials who tried to project those summoned had committed, or without stating what their crime was and what evidence they had, why should an apology letter be sent to the government? What does that mean? He fired.

Verma also requested the people who were summoned and grilled:

“If you have any self-respect, and if you are feeling morally responsible for the anguish, your family and well wishers have undergone due to the allegations against you, either you should speak openly or write open letters. If the case had been in the court, then there is meaning in keeping mum, but when the charges were also not filed, the Constitution gives the right to every citizen to speak the truth. If you fear that by speaking, you might be fixed in the crimes that you have not committed, then it’s nothing but cowardice. It would be a disgrace to democracy.”

Meanwhile, if it is proved that they have not committed any mistake, the chamber should write an open letter to all those who faced allegations. If it does not do that, then the history will believe that all of them were criminals and were left free because of film chamber’s apology. This lies should not become truth.  I respectfully appeal to the film chamber that the moral responsibility of not letting a lie become truth is on it…, Varma concluded.


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