Ram Gopal Varma Says Sorry

Mumbai: Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma has expressed regrets for making derogatory remarks against women on International Women’s Day. Cases were filed against RGV in Mumbai as well as Goa. Sunny Leone whom RGV referred to in his tweet said people have to be careful in choosing words.

RGV said in the tweet that provoked women rights activists thatcher hoped ‘ women all over the world would give me as much happiness as Sunny Leone does’. This kick started a series of angry statements from women rights activists and politicians. BJP leaders have threatened him not to allow shooting in Mumbai. There were a spate of statements throughout Thursday at the end of which Ram has apologised. He said he is not apologising to those who threatened him. He is not apologising out of fear but only out of respect for the women in the country.

Ram has achieved his objective of getting free publicity before the release of his film starring Big B. ‘Sarkar’ is scheduled to be released soon.

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