Rajya Sabha Dwells On Rs 2000 Notes And Rs 1000 Coins

Opposition leaders raise speculations that Rs 2000 notes will be banned and Rs 1000 coins introduced.

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha dwelt on rumours over banning of Rs 2000 notes, availability of currency and other speculations during zero hour on Wednesday. Opposition parties posed many questions on rumours regarding banning of Rs 2000 notes and introduction of Rs 1000 coins. They demanded an official clarification from the government.

Congress MP Gulam Nabi Azad demanded an explanation from the government regarding the introduction of Rs 1000 coins. “We are daily reading about 1000, 100 and 200 rupee coins, but we want to know the fact,” he stated, seeking a clarification from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in this regard. He also wondered if they will have to buy bags to carry 1,000 rupee coins.

SP leader Naresh Agrawal pointed out there are speculations that RBI has instructed currency printing presses not to print Rs 2000 notes, as a decision had been taken to ban them. He reminded that it is a tradition to announce such policy decisions in the Parliament.

Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha PK Kurien said such a decision was in the domain of the RBI. On this, Agrawal reminded that Union Government had taken a decision on demonetisation despite the RBI opposing it.

While Tiruchi Siva (DMK,) wanted an explanation from the government on the issue, Sharad Yadav JD (U) said that the problem had intensified due to strong rumours and the government would put a check on Rs 2000 notes.

However, despite the ruckus Finance Minister Arun Jaitley chose to remain mum. Zero hour mentions do not entail a reply, except noting down of the mention made.

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