Rajnikanth’s Robo-2 Lands in Trouble

Chennai: Rajnikanth’s Robo 2 was in headlines once again, but this time with the attack of crew on photo journalists.

Film Unit blocked road for the shoot in Chennai. This was questioned by journalists whether the unit has permission from police to shoot during peak hours. Crew members started foul language and started attack on the journalists as per the intial reports.

One crew member was a close relative to Director Shankar, who has apologised for the inconvenience.” I am sorry, I shall ensure you these things wont repeat again, it has happened without my knowledge”, said Shankar after coming to know about the incident.

Photo journalists dropped their case which was filed in the local police station after Shankar gave a statement with apology. Rajnikanth was not at scene when this incident happened. Robo-2  is a sequel of Enthiran, which released in 2010, which will be released on Oct 28th, 2017.

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