Rajnikanth as concrete as Wall

Hyderabad: Rajnikanth, who recently received Padmavibhushan from central Government always remain as a question mark when it matters about his political entry. Maratha Born actor, brought up in Karnataka, ruling Tamil industry faced pressures from fans and political parties to come into politics who received unique reply in style like NO ONE CAN FORCE ME TO ENTER OR STOP ME IF DECIDED TO ENTER.

There were many U turns in past 20 years about speculations of his political entry. Rajnikanth supported Congress in 1995 and later changed his stand as Congress allied with AIDMK. No one can save TN if AIDMK comes into power, this is the only call given by Super Star which made DMK to gain power. This is the place he has in TN voters. He supported BJP in 2004 during Vajpayeea��s term and maintaining good relation with PM Modi now.

There are continuous speculations in TN about his political entry whenever a vacuum is created. After Jayalalithaa��s demise this is the main topic which shaked TN State once again. Internal disputes in AIDMK, illness of opposition leader DMK Chief Karunanadhi made Rajnii fans think a perfect time for their mass hero to announce political party. BJP which is looking for a charismatic leader in TN tried to woo this Super Star who did not change his mind set until now.

South people keep their Cinema heroes in the heart and treat as God but when it matters to politics their views may differ. There were mixed results when Tollywood Heroes launched political parties with NTR (late) succeeding and present generation Megastar Chiranjeevi failing to grab the opportunity. May be this is the main factor running in Rajnikantha��s mind.

Only actor who was featured in CBSE with Title From Bus Conductor to Super Star completed 40 years in industry and looking forward with Shankara��sA�A� project is better to stay away from politics.A� It is better for this Star who receives highest remuneration in Asia after Jackie Chan and has huge fans following in Twitter (6 million) to enjoy film industry and remain as an actor A�like Kannada Super Star Rajkumar (late) did until last breathe.

But his fans disagree with this stand who says Rajni is a great human being. He worked as carpenter, coolie to pull his family before becoming Super Star and if he becomes CM he can solve the issues of poor people very well, this is the picture running in minds of millions of his followers.

Will Rajni remains as Concrete wall or change his mind, leta��s wait and see.


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