Rajmohan Gandhi corrects Arundhati Roy

  • Says she deliberately showed Mahatma in poor light
  • Relationship between Mahatma, Ambedkar was misinterpreted
  • Roya��s book a�?Doctor and the Sainta�� flayed
  • Rajmoha answers Roy with a book of his own

Hyderabad, December 29: Former Prime Minister lateA�PV Narasimha Rao had left anA�indelible mark of his caliber and mettle by introducing many reforms in various sectors which resulted in better changes, according to Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. He was delivering the third PV Memorial Lecture on Sunday at Ravindra Bharathi here.

Speaking on the occasion after releasing a book on PVa��s life history, Rajmohan Gandhi noted that RaoA�had offered the best of services for the cause of poor,A�and development of all sections in India. He attributed the revolutionary changes in Telecom, Science and Technology, IT and Communications and Industry to the restructuring of Indian Economy by Rao.

PV was a multifaceted personality noted for his verve and unsurpassed language skills, besides being an author bestowed with a penchant for poetry, Rajmohan Gandhi stated. Narasimha Rao was not only a gentleman, but practised ethics and values in politics during difficult times. The former prime minister was also a political figure at national level who shifted his focus on reforms to put India on right track of continuous growth and remain in forefront in the chosen domains,A�he said.A�Gandhi also stated that many fields saw a sea change due to the reforms brought by the former Prime Minister.

Dr K Ramachandra Murthy, Editorial Director of Sakshi Media Group, has presided over the function which he organised in association with EMESCO publishers. Dr Murthy has released a book titled “Independence and social Justice” written by Rajmohan Gandhi.

Rajmohan Gandhi based his talk on this book which was aimed at refuting the allegations levelled by reputed writer and activist Arundhat Roy in her preface to the new editon of Ambekdakra��s book, Annihilation of Caste. Her preface wasA�named as “The Doctor and the Saint”. He pointed out several instances where Arundhati Roy purposely quoted Mahatma Gandhi selectively in order to show him in poor light as far as his attitude toward Dalits in general, and Ambedkar in particular, was concerned. Arundhati Roy is not a Gandhi scholar and she misinterpreted the events preceding the dawn of Independence with the sole purpose of maligning the Mahatma. Rajmohan said, he had to take the trouble of correcting the narrative provided by Roy since she is a very popular writer and many good people in the country take her seriously. He read out the booklet to the audience as part of the Memorial Lecture.

Vani Rao, daughter of PV Narasimha Rao, K Vijayakumar, chairman of EMESCO publishers, Prof Raghuram Raju were on the dais. Valliswar, senior journalist and chief editor of Andhra Pradesh magazine, conducted the proceedings. Ashok Tankasala, a senior editor who translated many works of Rajmohan Gandhi tnto Telugu, Dr K Srinivas, editor of Andhra Jyothy daily, Mallepalli Laxmaiah, a senior journalist and activist spoke briefly on their association with PV. Vijayakumar of EMESCO recalled PVa��s keen interest in learning composing in Telugu and the way he got Telugu fonts in PVa��s computer.

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