Rajinikantha��s next flick title official now, its…..

Script not related to any underworld don and purely fiction one as per Film Makers.

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikantha��s next flick title was announced today. It was tweeted by Dhanush officially who released the first teaser of the poster.

Title Kaala has a sub title a�?Karikaalana�? which refers to the Chola king during Sangam period. Producer Dhanush released the poster with black back ground and red colour title which is attracting Rajini fans in a huge way.

He also released the poster in Telugu and Hindi version which hints the flick will be trilingual.

As per Director Ranjith, Rajini liked the title very much at first instance and flick is an action oriented one which will starts its shoot in Mumbai from 28th May.

There was a hype prir to the release of title that script involves back ground of underworld don Haji Msstan. Even Rajinikanth received legal notice that action would be taken on him if scripts shows Haji Mastan as Don.

But Wunderbar films stated that it is an fiction oriented one and no way connected to underworld mafia.

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