Rajinikanth Will launch New Party: Fringe Hindu Group

After meeting Rajinikanth, leader of Hindu Makkal Katchi, a fringe Hindu group, felt that Thaliva will launch a new party instead of joining the BJP.

Chennai: Yes, the suspense appears to be melting on Rajinikanth launching new party in Tamil Nadu a after fringe Hindu group had a 30-minute meeting with the superstar at Poes garden in Chennai on Monday.

Hindu Makkal katchi leader Sampath addressed media after he met Rajinikanth. According to him, Rajini is serious about coming into politics to eradicate corruption.

Farmers met Rajinikanth on Sunday and reminded him about the promise he made in 2002 about interlinking of rivers and donation of ₹ 1 crore for it. Rajinikanth promised P. Iyyakannu, President of National South Indian Rivers-Interlinking movement, that he will handover one crore rupees cheque to PM Modi.

Now rumours in political circles say that Rajini’s main political agenda will be interlinking of rivers along with cleaning up of corrupt politics in TN.

Rajini will meet his fans in the month of July and Kala will be his last movie before he announces launching of party. Dec 12th, birth date of the superstar, will be another memorable day for Rajini fans and for political parties of TN, as Rajini is expected to announce his party’s name and agenda in Chennai on that day.

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Rajinikanth In US, Why?

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth left for the US on Wednesday night leaving speculations behind. Here is why he went to the US.

Chennai: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth left for the US on Wednesday night silently without any hype by fans and film circles. There are speculations about his sudden US tour in social media. But the exact reason for his tour is nothing but medical check up. His close aides said that he is absolutely perfect and the check-up is a routine one.

Rajini left for the US along with daughter Aishwarya. First schedule of his upcoming flick ‘Kaala’ was completed successfully in Mumbai.

Rajini spent past few days with continuous meetings with his fans and well wishers on discussions about his political agenda.

As per sources, Rajini will announce political party in mid of October and will launch the party on his birthday that is December 12th.

Rajini’s personal astrologers gave negative feed back for him about his political life and future, but Rajini is firm about his entry into politics. He will float own party and will support NDA in 2019 elections.

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Rajnikanth Image Will Fade Out If I Open My Mouth: Subramanian Swamy

BJP leader Dr Swamy said that Rajini should not enter politics because he made financial fraud.

Chennai: BJP Leader Subramnian Swamy is the only leader from Tamil Nadu who has been opposing Rajini’s entry into politics from day one.

At one stage, he said Rajini is illiterate and unfit for CM’s post. He repeated that Rajini is a Kannadiga and is inconsistent in his decisions.

After coming to know that his caustic statement did not show any impact on Rajini and his fans, he made another serious comment on Tamil superstar in an interview to India Today.

Swamy claims that he has substantial proofs against Rajini to nail him on financial fraud and advised him not to enter politics. He further said that if these financial irregularities come into light, Rajini’s image will be knocked out.

Timing of Swamy’s claim came out exactly when BJP leaders welcomed Rajini’s move and even Amit Shah said that the present day political system need such good people.

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Rajinikanth Entry Into Politics Confirmed

It’s almost confirmed. The entry of Rajinikanth into politics will be announced shortly as per his close aides.

Chennai: Last night Tamil superstar Rajinikanth addressed media in Chennai airport and said that he will answer all the queries about his political entry in September. He further said that he never denied the news about his political entry and discussions are going on.

Rajinikanth in his meet with Hindu Makkal Katchi made it clear that he should do something for the people or else he would feel guilty. Interlinking of Peninsular Rivers with Himalayas as one national grid is his dream and said that can be fulfilled if he enters politics.

As per our sources, Rajinikanth formed core team with Retired IAS officers who are looking at policies and schemes for Thalaiva’s party. His aides are having a look at latest developments in the state.

According to Rajini’s close friend Gurumurthy, the latest buzz is that Rajini will float own party and will support NDA. Speaking to a National media channel (Republic TV), Gurumurthy clarified that the entry of Rajinikanth into TN politics will herald the smaller parties in the state.

So things are getting cleared one by one about Rajini’s entry into politics and his future plans in politics.

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Why Did Rajinikanth Meet Fadnavis’ Wife?

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth who is reportedly preparing to plunge into politics met Maharashtra CM Fadnavis’ wife which created ripples in political circles.

Mumbai: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is once again starting photo shot with his fans from next week in Chennai. He returned to his home city after completing schedule of his latest upcoming flick ‘Kaala” in Mumbai.

Latest buzz is that before returning to Chennai, he met Maharashtra CM’s wife Amrutha Fadnavis.

Well, there is no political move behind this meet. Amrutha is a well known singer, social activist and both had a discussion on social issues and solutions. Amrutha released a photo of her meet with Super Star.

Now the speculations are that Rajinikanth requested her to sing a song for his film” Kaala”. Though there is no official confirmation on this, as per sources, main reason for the superstar meeting Amrutha is only for singing but not for any political reasons.

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Rajinikanth To Announce New Party In July?

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is all set to launch a new party. It may be announced in July.

Chennai: Superstar Rajinikanth is going to announce a new party. An official announcement would be made in the month of July.  His brother Satyanarayanarao Gaikwad revealed this.  Recently Rajini met his fans to know their opinion about his political entry, his brother said.

Though Rajini did not give any clarity about his political entry when he met his fans, he did mention about Tamil politics.

“It is the desire of the people that Rajini should enter politics, and he is seeking the opinion of his fans and well-wishers,” Satyanarayanarao claimed. He added that Rajanikanth is mulling over meeting a lot of his fans in June.

However, if there is a good response from people he will enter Tamil Nadu politics with a new party, he clarified. Meanwhile, he also affirmed that Rajini will not have an alliance with any party.  He told that new plans are being prepared for forming a new party. After completing everything in June, the official announcement will come in July, said Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad.

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First look: Rajinikanth’s Kaala FLick

Chennai:  Rajinikanth’s upcoming 164th flick KAALA first look poster was unveiled by Director Pa.Ranjith on Twitter.

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Rajinikanth’s next flick title official now, its…..

Script not related to any underworld don and purely fiction one as per Film Makers.

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s next flick title was announced today. It was tweeted by Dhanush officially who released the first teaser of the poster.

Title Kaala has a sub title “Karikaalan” which refers to the Chola king during Sangam period. Producer Dhanush released the poster with black back ground and red colour title which is attracting Rajini fans in a huge way.

He also released the poster in Telugu and Hindi version which hints the flick will be trilingual.

As per Director Ranjith, Rajini liked the title very much at first instance and flick is an action oriented one which will starts its shoot in Mumbai from 28th May.

There was a hype prir to the release of title that script involves back ground of underworld don Haji Msstan. Even Rajinikanth received legal notice that action would be taken on him if scripts shows Haji Mastan as Don.

But Wunderbar films stated that it is an fiction oriented one and no way connected to underworld mafia.

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Entering Politics – Rajini Style

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is all set to take a plunge into politics. He is going to do it in his inimitable filmi style.

Ramaswami Sampath

Chennai: ‘Rajini style’ is the buzz-phrase among film buffs in Tamil Nadu, as the southern superstar Rajinikanth famous for his mannerisms on the silver screen. He has chosen to extend the same style regarding his entry into politics – keeping everybody guessing about his intentions. His fans, who have been clamouring “Will he…won’t he?” are now certain that the die has been cast.

During the five-day interaction with his fans last week which Rajini held after the lapse of a decade, he was under pressure from them to plunge into politics, by taking advantage of the political vacuum in the State since the passing away of AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa and with DMK patriarch M. Karunanidhi remaining ineffective because of a terminal ailment. Though the superstar was initially unwilling to commit on their keenness, towards the close of the photo-opportunity session with the fans, he proclaimed: “It’s in God’s hands. As He commands I will act. He wanted me to be an actor and I have fulfilled that role with your unstinted patronage. If He assigns any new role to me I am duty bound to obey.” Over and above this remark he told his fans that in the event of his entering politics he would not allow seekers and people who saw a gold mine in politics. “Wait for the impending battle, and the day we have to fight the war, we will take care of it,” he declared in his valedictory message.

Taking the cue from this statement as a broad hint by him to enter the political arena, not only impartial observers but also politicians of every hue assert that Rajini has literally thrown the hat in the ring.   Though outwardly political leaders welcome his entering politics, their nervousness about the prospect is perceptible. Only Anbumani Ramadas, former Union Health Minister in the NDA regime and president of the youth wing of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), has been forthright in his comment, “It is high time that the Tamil voter shed his or her support to celluloid heroes who have ruined the State economy for last few decades.”

For half a century Tamil Nadu has been under the thumb of either DMK or AIADMK, and there is, no doubt, a craving for change. But in the absence of a strong leader with a pan-TN appeal, who could fight for the legitimate needs of the State, voters have been choosing alternately one of the two Dravidian majors. National parties like the Congress, the CPI and the CPI(M) have lost their moorings and they are obliged to kowtow to DMK or AIADMK just to stay afloat in the State. Though it has an MP from Kanniyakumari in Union Minister for Shipping Pon Radhakrishnan, the BJP is yet to get a foothold in Tamil politics, as it is branded as a communal party dominated by Hindi zealots.  It has been sending signals to Rajini to take over the reins of party in TN, saying “our doors are always open to the superstar”.

The other parties like Vaiko’s Marumalarachi DMK, Vijayakanthi’s Desiya Murpokku Dravidar Kazhagam (DMDK), Dr.S. Ramadas’s PMK and Thol Thirumavalavan’s Viduthalai Chiruttaigal Katchi (VCK) have become fringe elements with limited appeal. Though a good orator and having an unsullied image, Vaiko has not been able to broaden his base despite taking up popular causes like ‘jallikattu’, Sri Lankan Tamils’ plight, environmental degradation, etc. Vijayakanth, too, frittered away the initial gains he had made by his mercurial behaviour. The PMK’s appeal is limited to the Vanniar community, while the VCK is a dalit outfit.

Against this background the Rajini fans see a good opportunity for their ‘Thalaivar’ to garner public support just as MGR could do in the 1970s. In the absence of a charismatic personality, they feel that the time is ripe for their hero to fill the gap. Observers, however, note that it would not be an easy task. MGR’s case was different, they point out. “MGR had a face value. DMK founder C.N. Annadurai used to say, ‘MGR is the USP (ultimate selling proposition) of our party.’ In fact, one of the factors that helped the DMK to seize power in 1967 was the widespread display all over the State during the election campaign of a poster carrying the image of MGR with his neck bandaged for the bullet injury he had sustained when another film star M.R. Radha had shot at him. The sympathy the poster had generated among the people, particularly women, gave a tremendous boost to the party’s victory chances in the poll. So when Karunanidhi, who succeeded Annadurai by virtue of MGR’s support, shabbily treated MGR in 1971, without a qualm of conscience, leading to his expulsion from the party and the matinee idol launched the Anna DMK – it was later christened as All-India ADMK – the popular support swung in favour of the latter. Can Rajini create such a phenomenal scenario? Further, MGR had to wait for six years to storm into Fort St. George,” say some observers.

The social media network has been agog with pro- and anti-Rajini comments over his possible entry into politics. The foes of Rajini are spitting venom against him, a non-Tamil. According to this group, only a Tamil should rule the State, but they have conveniently forgotten that the State has the history of having non-Tamil-origin CMs. When Karunanidhi traced the origin of MGR as a Malayali, the latter retorted: “Don’t forget that your ancestors were Telugus since you hail from the Kalavantula community.” When Kamaraj became the CM, EVR Periyar, who was himself of Kannadiga origin, hailed Kamaraj as the first pure Tamil to rule Tamil Nadu, pointing out that his predecessors Andhra Kesari T. Prakakasm Pantulu, Omandur Ramaswami Reddiyar, P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja and Rajaji were not of Tamil origin – in the height of the Andhra State agitation Rajaji once remarked that he could not be called anti-Andhra as his ancestors were from Guduru village near Machilipatnam and that he was the son-in-law of Andhra as his wife hailed from Lakshmipuram, near Kuppam! For this overenthusiastic group of Tamil puritans, even Jayalalithaa was not a Tamil as she was born in Mandya in Karnataka.

In his address to the fans, Rajini debunked the claim that he was an outsider and declared, “Let this non-sense stop. I am a pure Tamil. I am 67 years old and have spent 44 years in Tamil Nadu and was in Karnataka only for 23 years of my prime. Now I reveal to you that my ancestors were born and brought up in Krishnagiri. I have been the beneficiary of the Tamil people who have designated me as a superstar. Should I not repay my gratitude to them?”

Meanwhile, some extremist Tamil outfit staged a demonstration in front of Rajini’s house in Poes Garden and burnt his effigy. Not to be outdone, Rajini fans staged a protest against extremist elements. The superstar has been given extra security cover after these incidents.

The writer is a Senior Journalist and Prime Associate from Chennai

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Fringe Tamil Groups Protest Before Rajini’s Residence

Tamil groups have organised protest demonstration before the residence of Rajinikanth on Monday calling him an outsider and asking him to keep off politics.

Chennai: Fringe Tamil groups have organised a protest at super star Rajinikanth’s residence here on Monday. The protesters call Rajini an outsider. They gave slogans against Rajini asking him not to take a plunge into politics.

About a hundred persons belonging to Tamizha Munnetra Padai demonstrated before Rajini’s residence. Recently, answering the criticism by Dr Subramanian Seamy that Rajini is an outsider, Rajini had reiterated that he is a Tamilian and he is concerned with the welfare of the people in Tamil Nadu. The super star said he lived in Karnataka for 23 years and in Tamil Nadu for 44 years making him eligible to call himself a Tamilian.

Political observes believe that chances of DMK getting a majority in next election appear certain but Rajinikanth’s entry will affect the party’s chances. In Tamil Nadu there is a strong sentiment that only Tamil should be spoken and Tamilian should rule. Swamy stoked the fire and the Tamil groups have taken up the issue. After Rajinikanth asked his fans to be prepared for the final battle, the talk of the super star entering politics has gained momentum. There is of course politics behind the protest demonstrations demanding that Rajinikanth should stay away from politics.

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BJP Doors Open For Rajinikanth: Amit Shah

BJP Amit Shah welcomed Rajinikanth into the party if he decides to enter politics. Tamil super star has recently hinted at the possibility of taking a plunge into politics.

Hyderabad: BJP’s national president Amit Shah who is on a tour of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh said that party is ready to admit Rajinikanth and it is upto him to decide when and whether to enter politics.

Amit Shah said any good person is welcome to join politics and BJP.

Amit Shah denied rumours about Rajinikanth meeting with PM and his secret meet with the Super Star.

Tamil Super Star during his interaction with fans stated that he will enter politics if God decides to do so and gave a call for ultimate war. This led to speculations that Rajini will plunge into politics and ally with BJP.

TN BJP leaders welcomed the decision of Super Star and invited him into their party which was not yet finalised.

Meanwhile, TNCC President Thirunavukkasar felt that Rajini will float independent party and will not join hands with BJP.

“As a friend known to him for 40 years, I think he will not join any national or regional party and will float a new party,” said TNCC chief

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Subramanian Swamy’s Berates Chiru, NTR and Rajnikanth

The redoubtable BJP MP Dr Subramanian Swamy has fixed opinions on NTR, Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth and their politics.

New Delhi: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy gave analysis on cine stars who entered politics like late NTR and Chiru and about Rajini who appears to have plans to plunge into politics.

His remarks on NTR was a little harsh which really hurts. As per Subramnian Swamy NTR is the worst CM he has ever seen in politics. NTR failed in politics like no one as per MP which really surprised every Telugu person. NTR has the credit of implementing many schemes and he fought for the welfare of the people, but this dig at him really surprises political experts.

Swamy did not leave Chiranjeevi also, another actor/turned-politician. Swamy said Chiranjeevi failed as Union Minister and no one knows what he did as Minister for tourism.

He did not spare Rajinikanth either. He said Rajini is illiterate, unfit for CM’s post of Tamil Nadu. He once again repeated that Rajini is a kanndiga and is inconsistent on his decisions.

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Get Ready For Ultimate War, Rajinikanth Asks Fans

Rajinikanth has left enough hints for his fans, on the 4th and last day of the meetings with fans, to believe that he might take a plunge into politics.

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth dropped a strongest hint on final day of fans meet by asking his supporters to get ready for Ultimate war saying,”political system needs to be changed.”

“I have responsibilities and work, same as you. Let’s do that….. But when the ultimate war comes, we will see,” said the enigmatic Thalaiva in a clear hint that the Super Star will plunge into politics as per the political analysts.

“Political situation is in such a way that it does not think about people or does nothing for them, it has to be changed,” said Rajini with cheers from his fans.

Kodambakam, birth place of Tamil Cinema, stood for another political storm on Friday when Rajinikanth met his fans and gave a hint of his entry in coming days.

Rajini in a smooth way gave a strong reply to Subramanian Swamy’s criticism that Super Star is an outsider and his entry will be a political disaster. Rajinikanth said that he was a Kannadiga for 23 years and Tamizhan for 43 years and it is my fans that made me Tamizhan.

“There are few good leaders like Stalin, Anbumani( Ramdoss) and Seeman. But the problem is with the system which is bad and democracy has detoriated.If the country wants to flourish, this sytem has to be changed,” said Rajinikanth.

Rajini said that he was often dragged into politics for two decades. He clarified that he was not affiliated to any particular party.
But this speech on final day of ‘fans meet’ clearly gave way to speculations that Super Star wull plunge into politics in coming days.
DMK working president Stalin welcomed Rajini’s statement and asked the star to be careful with political party like BJP which is trying to woo Super Star for its political benefit.

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Rajini Keeps Modi Guessing

There is unending speculation in political and media circles on Tamil hero Rajinikanth joining politics. Will he, won’t he?
Representative Image

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth has given enough hints to believe that he might respond to the BJP’s invitation favourably. But he is keeping Prime Minister Narendra Modi guessing.

Speaking to a TV reporter on Tuesday Rajini refused to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the BJP’s invite. It was twenty years ago that Rajini made a strong political statement when he said that if people vote for Jayalalithaa there would be no future for Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha lost in 1996 miserably. Since then the Super Star had expressed regrets for attacking Jayalalithaa and he had never made a political statement again despite a number of provocations. After Rajini said at the meeting with his fans on Monday that he would enter politics if God orders to do so as his dialogue in a film ‘ Deemudu aadeesistee Arunachalam Aacharistaadu’

The speculation on Rajini joining BJP has been persisting this time because of the ground realities. One, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had met Rajini at the latter’s residence and invited the film star to join the BJP. Two, there is a clear political vacuum in Tamil Nadu after Jayalalithaa’s demise on 5 December 2016. Three, The AIADMK has split and the DMK is headed by Stalin. There is no person of Rajinikanth’s stature in Tamil politics today. Four, The BJP has been focusing on South India after winning Uttar Pradesh in a big way. It is rearing to go in Karnataka. It is making a serious bid to develop the party from booth committee level in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The BJP has to wait for some more years to make a mark in Kerala. There is,however, a window of opportunity in TN.

The BJP might want Rajinikanth to join its fold straight away. But it will not help BJP greatly since Tamils may not accept a non-Dravidian party immediately although the intensity of Dravidian sentiment has considerably reduced in recent times. Nationalism is not being scoffed at by the people of TN. The best bet for the BJP under the present circumstances would be to encourage Rajinikanth to float a Dravidian party and have an electoral tie-up with it. That would slowly but steadily pave the way for saffron party in the land of Periyar Ramaswami Naicker.

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Swamy Ridicules Rajini While RSS Praises

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s statement” If God decides that I join politics, then I will do so” was described as a Joke by Subramnyam Swamy.

Chennai: Rajinikanth who had a hearty meeting with his fans after 8 years on Monday stated that he will join politics if God decides so. This statement was called as a joke by BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy and advised him to stay away from politics.

But on the other hand, RSS ideologue Gurumurthy and some other RSS leaders welcomed the statement. As per Gurumurthy, Rajini’s statement reflects PM Narednra Modi’s views. Modi said “Naa Khaoonga, Naa Khaanedunga” (Won’t take bribes, won’t let anyone take bribe). Rajini also believes in the same philosophy.

It is clear that BJP is trying to woo the Super Star who has a good appeal in all castes and classes of TN. But Swamy came out with a controversial statement that Rajini has been with different parties and has no particular ideology, and is a mere distraction.

Swamy went on to say that Cinema people are good at giving statements as their dialogues are scripted. Rajini is a Marathi from Bengaluru and not a Tamilian, Swamy said.

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Will Rajinikanth Ignore Warning From Don’s Son

Sunder, son of Haji Mastan has issued a Leagal notice to Tamil super star asking him to desist from acting in a film whose script resembles his father’s life.

Chennai: Thaliva is in a risk and a dilemma not knowing whether to accept the offer or not for the next script which will be directed by Pa Ranjith. He received a threatening notice from son of an underworld don Haji Mistan Mirza. As per the notice, Haji was never proved guilty by any court and Rajini has no right to show him as a Don and in case of ignoring the notice, Rajini has to face legal action according to Sunder, son of Haji Mirza.

Sekhar Sunder Mirza, son of TN don Hazi Mistan came up with this warning when he came to know that Rajini is acting as a Don with script resembling his father’s life.

Hazi Mistan Mirza hails from Tamil Nadu who was a founder of Bharatiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh and a leading businessman.

Will Rajini takes risk by ignoring the notice?

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Rajinikanth praises Baahubali 2, says Its Indian cinema’s pride

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth described Baahubali 2 as Indian Cinema’s pride.

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Rajinikanth’s Fans Pressurise Their Hero On Political Entry

The ground work appears to be building up on this issue to be decided either way sooner than later

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s silence is creating frustration and leading to suspense among well-wishers and fans of Thalivar. They have decided to force their Thalivar’s to react putting posters across TN.

Generally, Rajinikanth’s posters will be on walls of Chennai prior to the release of his film. But posters witnessed on Friday led to traffic jam in Chennai which is posted by Coimbatore Ditsrict People Welfare Forum. The message is same, that Rajini Should plunges into politics at once.

Rajini cancelled fans’ meet recently and his fans are in a bitter confusion once again about his political entry. No one knows whether Rajini is seriously thinking about politics or not but the ground work appears to be building up on this issue to be decided either way sooner than later

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Rajinikanth Wishes Sachin For A Billion Dreams

Chennai: We have rarely seen Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth tweeting, but this time he came up with best wishes to Sachin’s  biopic of Billion Dreams. Flick deals with documentary  featuring Sachin, his wife Anjali and son Arjun. Sachin replied and shared Tamil trailer of the film. Movie is slated for release on may 26th.

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Subarmanian Swamy’s sensational comments on Rajinikanth

Dr Subramanian Swamy, who has a penchant for sensation and humour, has commented that actor Rajinikanth is not suitable to politics and politicians in Tamil Nadu are good actors.

Chennai: Senior BJP leader from Tamil Nadu Professor Subramanian Swamy made sensational comments on Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth. He said Rajini is only an actor and is not not suitable for politics.

He further added that Rajinikanth does not know politics and TN politicians are best actors. His statement was made in reference to Rajinikanth fans’ meet which was scheduled in coming days. Rajinikanth also cancelled Sri Lanka trip amidst pressure from TN political parties.

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth wrote a letter to Sri Lankan Tamils which says he will meet them when time is right. He thanked Tamilians of Sri Lanka for showing love towards him.

Super star Rajinikanth, who has to visit Sri Lanka to donate homes to Elam Tamil families, cancelled his trip after political storm in TN from opposition parties like VCK and MDMK.

Rajinikanth, in his trip planned to meet Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss a solution for the problems faced Tamil fisher man.

“All political parties have asked me to cancel the trip.Though I don’t agree with their stand, I have decided to call off my Lanka visit,” Super Star said on Saturday to media.

He further said that he is not a politician and he is only an artist. “Please don’t politicise the issue and stop my visit. Should I not get an opportunity to visit Lanka again?” he questioned politicians. With the above statement, he clearly once again indicated that he is far from politics.

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth Fans club president and General Secretaries across the world are mounting pressure on Rajini to plunge into politics. Hundreds of fans thronged Chennai to have a glimpse of their Hero Rajnikanth and said they are eagerly waiting for their hero’s entry into politics.

All India Rajinikanth Fans president Sudhakar had a meeting with general secretaries and said that arrangements were made unanimously for Thalaivar to plunge into politics. Raghavendra Hall in Chennai was reverberated with slogans in support to their hero urging him to join politics.

If he enters politics, he will rock the world. They say that he doesn’t know about politics, but even today’s politicians know nothing about anything. This is the gut feeling of fans who wish to see their hero in politics very soon

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Will Mohanbabu Accept Rajinikanth’s Call?

Hyderabad: We all know that Mohan Babu and Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth are good friends from their early years in Chennai. They maintained a good relations even in business for many years. Rajinikanth acted in PEDARAYUDU, a Mohan babu’s flick, which tasted a huge success. Now it is the turn of Super star who requested Mohan babu to act in his son-in-law’s flick Power Pandy.

Rajini asked Mohan babu to act in the remake of that flick in Telugu which will be directed by Dhanush. Will Mohan babu accepts Rajini’s request?

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