Rajinikanth Responds To Strike In Kollywood, Asks Both Parties To Resolve Issue Through Talks

Super Star Rajinikanth, whose multi-lingual film Kaalaa��s shooting too came to a standstill because of the strike, asked both the parties to resolve the issue through discussion instead of creating a problem to the total industry.

Chennai: As the Film Employees’ Federation of South India’ strike over the wage dispute enters the second day, Super Star RajinikanthA�on WednesdayA�said that strike was unnecessary and could be settled by discussing the matter with Tamil Film Producers Council. He requested both parties to resolve the issue through discussions.

The shooting of at least 20 films came to a standstill in Kollywood industry as the employees went on strikeA�on Tuesday based on wage dispute. Rajinikanth starrer Kaalaa��s shooting also came to a grinding halt.

“Strike is one among the words I don’t like,a�? Rajni Kanth said in a statement to the film industry employees. a�?A solution can be found for any issue without giving space to personal egos and keeping in mind the general good.a�?

a�?It is my humble request as a senior artiste,a�? he said.

The strike started after the Tamil Film Producers Council or TFPC had decided to hire employees for their films irrespective of their allegiance to the Film Employeea��s Federation. The employees want the council to revoke the decision.

FEFSI president RK Selvamani said that the fate of around 10,000 workers is at stake. He requested TFPC to hold unconditional talks. He said that he plans to take up the issue with actor, film maker Kamal Hasan.

Meanwhile, TFPC president Vishal intervened and suggested the producers to continue shooting employing people who were not members of FEFSIA�on WednesdayA�clarified that they were not against employees, but the business will go on as usual.

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