Rajinikanth Meet Fans After 8 Years

Super Star Rajinikanth has mingled with his fans giving photo opportunities after 8 long years.

Chennai: Thaliva Rajinikanth gave darshan to his fans keeping an end to all speculations widespread in and around TN for few months.

There was a large crowd in front of Raghavendra Wedding Hall in Chennai, raising slogans and eager to watch their Hero.

Rajinikanth, dressed in black kurta addressed his fans and made them happy by giving individual photo shot opportunities for fans who came from four districts today.

The programme will continue up to 19th May which covers fans of 17 districts of Tamil Nadu. Rajini once again came up with a dialogue on politics, in his style, that a�?He will enter politics when God decidesa�?.

Nearly a lakh fans are expected in these 4 days who will have a glimpse of their hero whom they missed for 8 years. Last photo session of Rajinikanth with fans happened in 2009 after the Film SIvaji released.

Rajinikanth made it clear that he will not allow wrong people if and when he plunged into politics. He said he will inform fans before announcing anything related to such a decision and will take care without making any wrong move related to politics.

God is using me as an actor, if he decides to join me in politics, I will follow, said Rajinikanth while addressing fans.

“It was a mistake and political accident which happened in 1996 when I supported a political party, but this time I will take care”, Rajini further added.

Rajini advised his fans to drink alcohol in moderate way, I am not saying to give up alcohol altogether but have it moderately, Rajini said.

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