What Is Rajini Going To Do On April 2nd?

Chennai: This is a million dollars question bothering the politicians and the political observers in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth on Wednesday gave a call to his fans association to meet him on April 2nd for an important discussion.

It is a top secret that Rajinikanth had a meeting with close aides before he gave a call to his fans. Now speculations are triggered once again in TN that super star will make his stand clear on his entry into politics.

But according to district fans associations presidents ita��s just a routine meeting which had to take place long ago but got delayed due to various reasons.

BJP is trying to woo the super star with CM’s chair if he joins BJP, but Rajinikanth is indecisive as usual.

Political analysts feel if Rajinikanth is waiting for a perfect moment to enter, this is the time as there is political vacuum in the state after Ammaa��s demise.

Rajinikanth never gives a political statement directly like other heroes do, but in 1996 he took on Jayalalithaa headlong by saying even God cannot save TN if Jayalalithaa wins again. This only dialogue made Jayalalithaa to sit in the opposition. After that, in 2004, Rajini supported BJP-AIADMK alliance which was defeated.

Rajnikanth was far away from politics upto 2014 until Modi met him at his residence in Chennai, but later both said the meet was just a courtesy call.

But Rajinikanth fans are eagerly looking for his entry after sudden demise of Jayalalithaa in 2016.Has the times come? Only Rajnikanth would know. Not even God!

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